Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Marines

Born in a tavern, Tun tavern to be exact, 237 years ago this November 10th.  From this bar room birth has grown the greatest fighting force the World has ever known.  Fewer than 1% of the entire American population, past and present, have worn the beloved Eagle, Globe and Anchor and earned the title of United States Marine.

I am honored to have earned the right to claim the title Marine and I am even more humbled to have had the honor to have served with the Marines that I was stationed with.  To this day Marines that I met my first night on the Depot have remained some of the closest, most loyal friends that I have.  The Marines that I served along side of during Desert Storm and then back to the Stumps together, I still talk with on a daily basis.


SDI Sgt. Romans, DI Sgt Buck, DI Sgt Hughes, DI Sgt Dillman (not pictured DI Sgt Harris)

The Drill Instructors of Platoon 2054, Hotel Company, June 1990

When I stepped off the bus and onto the Yellow Footprints on June 4, 1990, I had no idea how much my life would forever be transformed. It was changed for the better.  12 and a half weeks later when I marched across the Parade Deck, I don’t think I fully realized the magnitude of the sacred fraternity I was now a part of.  I was yet to realize that I would be able to share experiences with World War II era Marines as well as my fellow Marines and everyone in between.

As Marines there are many times when we meet other Marines that even if there are decades that separate our times in service, we still have a common ground.  A bond.  A bond that unless you are a part of the Big Green Rifle Club, you will truly never get it.

It takes a different type of individual to be a Marine.  We are are proud of that.  In fact, we boast of the very nature of our difference.  There is a saying, “The Marine Corps is not for everyone.  If it was it would be the Army.”

I am also one of those Marines who also have the honor to say they are the proud parent of a U.S. Marine.  My son is a Lance Corporal.  He has been in about 18 months.  He is currently serving in Afghanistan.  I can’t begin to put into words what it was like to see him walk across the very same Parade Deck that I did and earn his entry into the club.


So as Marines all over the world celebrate their 237th birthday, I say thank you for your service, allowing me to earn the title and Happy Birthday ~ Semper Fidelis.

In memory of Senior Drill Instructor Sgt. Ervin Romans and Sergeant Major Robert R. Higle


         DI Sgt Romans                                                                               SgtMaj. Higle