Thursday, September 13, 2012

Voter ID laws–You’re Damn Right You Should Have One

voteVoter ID laws, maybe I am just not smart enough or too blind to see the big picture on this one. I also fail to see why these laws are racist or discriminatory against the old or the poor. Someone please explain, because I don’t get it. You walk into vote, show your ID, get your ballot and off to your little booth to cast your vote. I cannot believe there are people that are against this process. I guess if you are into Chicago style politics of “vote early and often”.

I think we have all heard stories of the voting corruption that goes on in every election. The stories of voter impersonation or the number of “dead” voters that still cast a vote are talked about during every election. But thought of just walking in and saying, hey I am_________ and I am here to vote is crazy. There is a huge faction out there making the claim it is just not right to have to show your ID to vote and it is taking voter’s rights back decades if you have to. The claims that it could sway the Presidential election and the hundreds of thousands if not millions that would not be able to vote are a crock. I have a simple solution, get a freaking ID!

A quick Google search of “things I need an ID for” came back with some pretty amusing results. Here are just a few:

1. Get on an airplane

2. Get something notarized

3. Open a bank account

4. Register for college

5. Apply for Food Stamps

6. Apply for Medicaid

7. Apply for Unemployment

8. Cash a check

9. Get a mortgage

10. Get married

11. Get a job

12. Buy alcohol

13. Buy cigarettes or tobacco

14. Buy a firearm

15. Use a Credit Card

16. Rent an apartment

17. Be admitted in the hospital

18. To buy Sudafed

19. To get on an airplane

20. Enter most large office buildings

21. To get into Warner Bros., Sony Entertainment, and Universal Pictures.

22. To acquire a Visa to travel outside the country, and to re-enter the country at the border.

23. return a item to a retail store, 

24. To rent a movie

25. Join the military

26. Test drive a car

27. Get into a bar (some of us)

28. Oh yeah , to REGISTER to vote

Kinda funny isn’t it? I want to make sure we know where to come to if you don’t return your movie or if you buy too much allergy/cold medicine so I need to see you ID. What you are here to vote for the leaders of our country and the people that will make laws that we have to live by, no ID required c’mon in and do what you, whoever you are, need to do.

Wake up folks! There are some serious issues here.


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