Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sick of political ads, time for some changes

It is election year and we are in full swing of the bombardment of political hate ads.  I am a very passionate person in regard to my beliefs and my political points of view.  With that being said, I think I would rather eat a boiling bucket of vomit than hear another as from either party.  It is absolute insane the amount of money that is spent for these campaigns and the time that is wasted.
A recent poll showed 72% of Americans are tired of hearing and seeing these ads.  I am no MIT math major but I am pretty sure that is a majority of us!  It starts with the preliminary elections and the candidates just ass slam people in their same party.  They tell us just how inhuman these people are and why they should be the one for the office.  Then once it is whittled down to the lucky one the onslaught of attack ads go into maximum overdrive.  The bottom feeders from each party go on the hunt to dig up anything they can and then put their spin on it.  It is then plunged down our throats like a backed up public restroom.
I think there should be some changes when it comes to campaigning.  Here are a few thoughts:
You can only campaign two weeks prior to the election.  If you break the time line rule, you are removed from the race.
Campaign funds should come out of your pocket.  The money that is spent is obscene.  The 2008 election cost 1.3 billion in 2008, the most expensive campaign yet.  The election before that cost almost 900 million bucks.  For a country that has so many homeless, starving medical needs and a deficit of $15,874,365,457,260 ( as of July 2012 ) I think we could find better things for our money.  If people want to make their contributions they can donate to one of those causes in the name of their party.

If the candidates are going to have to tell all, they should have to tell the last time they went grocery shopping, filled up their own gas tank, drove in rush hour, had to work a holiday, had to set a family budget up because the ends aren’t quite meeting or actually had a job.  If they are a President of the people shouldn’t we know when they actually did anything like the everyday people they are supposed to be representing?

As soon as they make an asinine claim like they created the internet, they are a war hero or their family’s political sway landed them in the National Guard and not a war zone, the campaign is done and they are removed.  When they are dishing out a 5 course meal of dung their aspirations should be cancelled.

If you robo call me, send me spam email or hang something on my door, I get to personally punch you in the face.

Well, these are just a few of my random thoughts on political campaigning and remember, “Friends don’t let friends vote Democratic.”