Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why if Obama had a son, didn’t he look like this?

OK, I have bit my tongue on this for the past couple of weeks.  I have weighed writing this because more than likely it is going to piss some people off.  It should not be taken personal, but rather weigh the question that I am posing for you.  The media has been consumed with stories of the Trayvon Martin shooting.  It is a bad situation and I think that it is going to get worse before better.  I also think there is a lot more to what went on.  It is far from over.

EdwardFrank-thumb-400xauto-22768 I personally feel that Obama is made from the thinnest veneer of morals possible.  I think he is very arrogant and will stoop as low as he needs to get votes.  He will tell you what you want and have no plans of how to do it or any intention of following through.  I don’t agree with his moral stances or his political stances.  I don’t like him.  It has nothing to do with his race, I don’t like him and what he stands for.  My view of what he stands for and maybe your view might be completely different, that is a completely different post.  I do think he has made race relations worse.  No doubt there is racism in our Country.  It covers every race represented in our land.  There is no place for it and hopefully we as a culture at some point will not classify or judge people for the color of their skin.  Why does it matter what color your skin is?

So how does Trayvon Martin and Obama play into this you ask?  A week or two ago Obama weighed in on the shooting.  First off, why? I will tell you why, it is election year and he felt this would be great time to step and secure more of the minority vote and possibly another voter base he had not touched.  Before you scream out that is ridiculous and off base let explain.  Obama said that if he had a son he would have looked like Trayvon.  Maybe so.  But what is the need for that statement and for him to offer his opinion, other than to tighten the screw on the racial pressure cooker that is steaming over this.

SOLDIER 002 If it was not politically motivated and for vote seeking then why didn’t he come out and say that if he had a son they might have looked like Edward J. Frank II or Jameel T. Freeman?  Let me correct myself, Sgt. Edward J. Frank or Spec. Jameel T. Freeman.  Sgt. Frank was killed in Afghanistan in August 2011 and Spec. Freeman was killed in August 2011 as well.  Click their names and you can read more on who these men were.  Isn’t it possible that if he had sons they may look like one of these young heroes?  Why didn’t he step up and weigh in on their deaths?  Because these young men were just names on a report that he reads each day.  That’s it.  There were no votes to be gained by acknowledging them.  I know George W. never did either and he wasn’t obligated to.  I don’t think Obama is either.  However, W. never stepped up and talked a bout a kid being shot in the streets looking like his child.

Obama stepped up kicked the beehive knowingly and hoped when the dust settled their would be some votes in it for him.  I hope that our Country does the right thing in November, for the sake of all of us.

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  1. You're right again DI. Hussein doesn't give a four fisted shit about you, me, Trayvon or anybody else except Hussein Obama and how he can destroy the United States so he and his muslim punk ass bitches can take over the country.