Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Marines

Born in a tavern, Tun tavern to be exact, 237 years ago this November 10th.  From this bar room birth has grown the greatest fighting force the World has ever known.  Fewer than 1% of the entire American population, past and present, have worn the beloved Eagle, Globe and Anchor and earned the title of United States Marine.

I am honored to have earned the right to claim the title Marine and I am even more humbled to have had the honor to have served with the Marines that I was stationed with.  To this day Marines that I met my first night on the Depot have remained some of the closest, most loyal friends that I have.  The Marines that I served along side of during Desert Storm and then back to the Stumps together, I still talk with on a daily basis.


SDI Sgt. Romans, DI Sgt Buck, DI Sgt Hughes, DI Sgt Dillman (not pictured DI Sgt Harris)

The Drill Instructors of Platoon 2054, Hotel Company, June 1990

When I stepped off the bus and onto the Yellow Footprints on June 4, 1990, I had no idea how much my life would forever be transformed. It was changed for the better.  12 and a half weeks later when I marched across the Parade Deck, I don’t think I fully realized the magnitude of the sacred fraternity I was now a part of.  I was yet to realize that I would be able to share experiences with World War II era Marines as well as my fellow Marines and everyone in between.

As Marines there are many times when we meet other Marines that even if there are decades that separate our times in service, we still have a common ground.  A bond.  A bond that unless you are a part of the Big Green Rifle Club, you will truly never get it.

It takes a different type of individual to be a Marine.  We are are proud of that.  In fact, we boast of the very nature of our difference.  There is a saying, “The Marine Corps is not for everyone.  If it was it would be the Army.”

I am also one of those Marines who also have the honor to say they are the proud parent of a U.S. Marine.  My son is a Lance Corporal.  He has been in about 18 months.  He is currently serving in Afghanistan.  I can’t begin to put into words what it was like to see him walk across the very same Parade Deck that I did and earn his entry into the club.


So as Marines all over the world celebrate their 237th birthday, I say thank you for your service, allowing me to earn the title and Happy Birthday ~ Semper Fidelis.

In memory of Senior Drill Instructor Sgt. Ervin Romans and Sergeant Major Robert R. Higle


         DI Sgt Romans                                                                               SgtMaj. Higle

Friday, September 14, 2012

Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me? Sugary Drink Law

SodaI am so glad that there is a politician that is out there looking out for the best interest of the people. I want to thank New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on his very thoughtful, Hitler like move to protect New Yorkers from the evils of Big Gulps and other greater than 16 oz size sodas. This hits pretty high on the “you gotta be shitting me” scale.

The New York City health board passed the approval today and the law will go in to full effect in 6 months unless it is blocked by a judge. The buffoon Bloomberg tweeted out today NYC’s new sugary drink policy is the single biggest step any gov’t has taken to curb obesity,” he wrote. “It will help save lives.” This new policy, I find shocking on so many levels. Here is another quote from of the Medical board members that supported this, Pamela Brier, the president of Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn and a member of the health board, said she recognized that “there a lot of unhappy people” who oppose the plan. But she praised the health department for the proposal, saying that New Yorkers would adjust to the smaller sizes. “Over time, it does become the new norm,” she said.  images (31)

I understand obesity is an issue and especially with the children of this country. I also realize that we are only talking about soda. Right? Wrong!!! I think there is a more larger issue here that is being swept under the carpet. The dictation by the government of what you can drink. What is next? There was a party before that began restricting what their people could and could not do. They begin directing every movement in their life. They decided what goods were for sale, what you could read, what you could write, what music you could create, etc. Does it sound familiar? Kinda sounds like that radical little guy with the box moustache doesn’t it? How scary is the quote by Brier, “there is a lot of unhappy people” and “over time, it becomes the new norm.” That is scary.

Now do I feel like we are on the verge of goose stepping through the streets because of a sugary drink ban? No. But I do feel it is another right that we are giving up as Americans. I also feel that we have been doing just that, giving up rights, for quite awhile now. It is a very dangerous and slippery slope. Once you start, “overtime it becomes the new norm”. Where does it end? Our great country was founded on ideology of fighting for our freedoms. Now, we give them up one at a time.

The whole idea of a ban of this nature seems like an episode of The Family Guy and a crazy idea by Mayor West. It is another example of government thinking they know what is better for you than what you do. This is similar to the Nancy Pelosi statement in regard to the presented health care bill, “just vote for it and then we can read it later.” She might as well have said we know what is best just shut up, pass it and allow us to dictate more of your life.

I know the “purpose” of this bill is to curb obesity. I know that with all of the diet programs, workout programs, health clubs, health messages, health awareness and even our revered first lady Michelle Junk in the Trunk and her campaign against child obesity; this ban will be the thing that makes it all work. It is the final pebble on the scale of health and obesity, tipping it to the health side. It is absolutely absurd. Within this bill you buy as many 16oz beverages that you want and if you are in a restaurant you can have as many refills as you want. I love this part of it. That is like saying by getting rid of wine glasses and only having shot glasses will cure alcoholism.

To sell this bill of goods as a health issue is a steaming bucket of crap. What’s scarier than a bunch of fat people with sodas? I will tell you a country full of people that have surrendered their freedom choice and their rights to their government. Now that is scary.

Cartoon - Sugary Drink Ban

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Voter ID laws–You’re Damn Right You Should Have One

voteVoter ID laws, maybe I am just not smart enough or too blind to see the big picture on this one. I also fail to see why these laws are racist or discriminatory against the old or the poor. Someone please explain, because I don’t get it. You walk into vote, show your ID, get your ballot and off to your little booth to cast your vote. I cannot believe there are people that are against this process. I guess if you are into Chicago style politics of “vote early and often”.

I think we have all heard stories of the voting corruption that goes on in every election. The stories of voter impersonation or the number of “dead” voters that still cast a vote are talked about during every election. But thought of just walking in and saying, hey I am_________ and I am here to vote is crazy. There is a huge faction out there making the claim it is just not right to have to show your ID to vote and it is taking voter’s rights back decades if you have to. The claims that it could sway the Presidential election and the hundreds of thousands if not millions that would not be able to vote are a crock. I have a simple solution, get a freaking ID!

A quick Google search of “things I need an ID for” came back with some pretty amusing results. Here are just a few:

1. Get on an airplane

2. Get something notarized

3. Open a bank account

4. Register for college

5. Apply for Food Stamps

6. Apply for Medicaid

7. Apply for Unemployment

8. Cash a check

9. Get a mortgage

10. Get married

11. Get a job

12. Buy alcohol

13. Buy cigarettes or tobacco

14. Buy a firearm

15. Use a Credit Card

16. Rent an apartment

17. Be admitted in the hospital

18. To buy Sudafed

19. To get on an airplane

20. Enter most large office buildings

21. To get into Warner Bros., Sony Entertainment, and Universal Pictures.

22. To acquire a Visa to travel outside the country, and to re-enter the country at the border.

23. return a item to a retail store, 

24. To rent a movie

25. Join the military

26. Test drive a car

27. Get into a bar (some of us)

28. Oh yeah , to REGISTER to vote

Kinda funny isn’t it? I want to make sure we know where to come to if you don’t return your movie or if you buy too much allergy/cold medicine so I need to see you ID. What you are here to vote for the leaders of our country and the people that will make laws that we have to live by, no ID required c’mon in and do what you, whoever you are, need to do.

Wake up folks! There are some serious issues here.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sick of political ads, time for some changes

It is election year and we are in full swing of the bombardment of political hate ads.  I am a very passionate person in regard to my beliefs and my political points of view.  With that being said, I think I would rather eat a boiling bucket of vomit than hear another as from either party.  It is absolute insane the amount of money that is spent for these campaigns and the time that is wasted.
A recent poll showed 72% of Americans are tired of hearing and seeing these ads.  I am no MIT math major but I am pretty sure that is a majority of us!  It starts with the preliminary elections and the candidates just ass slam people in their same party.  They tell us just how inhuman these people are and why they should be the one for the office.  Then once it is whittled down to the lucky one the onslaught of attack ads go into maximum overdrive.  The bottom feeders from each party go on the hunt to dig up anything they can and then put their spin on it.  It is then plunged down our throats like a backed up public restroom.
I think there should be some changes when it comes to campaigning.  Here are a few thoughts:
You can only campaign two weeks prior to the election.  If you break the time line rule, you are removed from the race.
Campaign funds should come out of your pocket.  The money that is spent is obscene.  The 2008 election cost 1.3 billion in 2008, the most expensive campaign yet.  The election before that cost almost 900 million bucks.  For a country that has so many homeless, starving medical needs and a deficit of $15,874,365,457,260 ( as of July 2012 ) I think we could find better things for our money.  If people want to make their contributions they can donate to one of those causes in the name of their party.

If the candidates are going to have to tell all, they should have to tell the last time they went grocery shopping, filled up their own gas tank, drove in rush hour, had to work a holiday, had to set a family budget up because the ends aren’t quite meeting or actually had a job.  If they are a President of the people shouldn’t we know when they actually did anything like the everyday people they are supposed to be representing?

As soon as they make an asinine claim like they created the internet, they are a war hero or their family’s political sway landed them in the National Guard and not a war zone, the campaign is done and they are removed.  When they are dishing out a 5 course meal of dung their aspirations should be cancelled.

If you robo call me, send me spam email or hang something on my door, I get to personally punch you in the face.

Well, these are just a few of my random thoughts on political campaigning and remember, “Friends don’t let friends vote Democratic.”

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So does that make you a racist?

Did you know that if you don’t like Obama, you are a racist?  That’s a fact if you believe what much of the liberal media says.  I am not sure at what point our society decided that you were no longer entitled to your own personal opinions, thoughts or beliefs.  I guess in a way you are, but if it doesn’t fit the criteria of the politically correct BS; then you are a hate monger, a racist, a gun toting, bible thumping radical.  I have a really hard time identifying with that thought process.

I don’t like Obama.  I never have and I never will.  Contrary to what the media likes to push, that doesn’t make me a racist.  I don’t like him because of his beliefs and the things he stands for.  I do not believe in abortion.  I do not believe that we should buy into a socialist belief with our money.  I do not want bigger government.  I do not believe in establishing a social program for every deadbeat that refuses to get of their ass and work, when they are fully capable.  When it comes down to it we just don’t see things the same way.  If you noticed not one of those things that I said above has anything to do with the color of his skin.  I would not care if he was white, yellow or purple, I would not support him.

I have been stewing over this post for a couple of weeks now.  This isn’t about being a Republican or a Democrat.  I will be writing those posts in a few days.  It is about being a human being and being allowed to have your own personal beliefs.  That doesn’t come with an asterisk at the end saying you can have those thoughts as long as they agree with the mainstream or popular opinion.  I guess I will stand outside of that line because a lot of main are not of the popular persuasion but of what I feel is right.  Right and popular are rarely bed partners.

I recently posted on my FB page the following political joke:


Immediately there was the “Don’t you think that is a bit racist” response.  This resulted in many opinions being stated by several people about the comment.  But to answer your question, no I don’t think it is a bit racist.  None what so ever.  Nowhere on the post does it say he’s an idiot because he’s black.  A quick Google search of the terms George Bush and Village Idiot produced a plethora of results:


I guess this picture is a of a confused racist.  Pretty stupid right?

I am not sure what the benefit of ANYONE playing the race card is.  It is detrimental to everyone.  Racists on either side of the coin are the idiots.  I am not going to say there are not racial issues.  There are and they have been around for a long time.  I am also going to say that we all could improve on that front.  The mindset of treating someone different because they do not look like us (who ever us is) is wrong.

However, we as a society have allowed ourselves to be segregated while trying to fight segregation.  If you say you don’t like Obama you are a racist and you are placed in that category.  If you say support the right to bear arms, you are a gun toting radical.  If you are a Christian, you become a Bible thumping, hate mongering homophobe.  Just because you believe in something doesn’t make you a radical, it just means you have your own personal beliefs.

Our country as a whole has made great strides in racial equality and acceptance of diversity.  We have a long, long way to go.  Because we are all different, from different cultures and form our own opinions it is what helps make this the greatest country in the World.  However we are not doing ourselves any favors by classifying everyone a radical or a racist because their opinion doesn’t agree with yours.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Three Stooges Movie – Loved it!

I will be the first to say one the things that I hate to see is someone trying to imitate the Three Stooges.  It is usually like a bad Elvis impersonation.  There is something special about the Stooges that make them unique, an institution of their own.  When I heard there was going to be a Stooges movie, I was not really crazy about the idea.  I knew I would go see it.  I expected it that it would just be bad.

stooges I also want to add my girls absolutely love the Stooges like I do. We watch them any chance that we can catch the reruns on TV.  So it was decided this afternoon would be McHawes family day at the movies, to see the Stooges.  We all loved it!  I laughed through the whole film.  The actors nailed their roles as Moe, Larry and Curly.  The mannerisms were dead on.  Don’t get me wrong this was no Godfather style epic motion picture.  It was the Stooges and it was exactly what is was supposed to be, funny.

If you are a Stooge fan, go see it.  You will enjoy it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

An emotional Marine Corps love song, it warms my heart

Those of you who know me, know that I am a soft hearted ol’ Marine.  During the past weekend my son, who is also a US Marine played a very emotional love song for me that another Marine had written and sung.  I derived great pleasure from this video and I think many of you will as I have.

It tells the tale of relationship of a Marine from love at first sight all the way till the trip to the after life.  Please give it a watch and let me know what you think.

For those of you that it offends, well, get over it.  I laughed like I had lost my mind.  Semper Fi!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why if Obama had a son, didn’t he look like this?

OK, I have bit my tongue on this for the past couple of weeks.  I have weighed writing this because more than likely it is going to piss some people off.  It should not be taken personal, but rather weigh the question that I am posing for you.  The media has been consumed with stories of the Trayvon Martin shooting.  It is a bad situation and I think that it is going to get worse before better.  I also think there is a lot more to what went on.  It is far from over.

EdwardFrank-thumb-400xauto-22768 I personally feel that Obama is made from the thinnest veneer of morals possible.  I think he is very arrogant and will stoop as low as he needs to get votes.  He will tell you what you want and have no plans of how to do it or any intention of following through.  I don’t agree with his moral stances or his political stances.  I don’t like him.  It has nothing to do with his race, I don’t like him and what he stands for.  My view of what he stands for and maybe your view might be completely different, that is a completely different post.  I do think he has made race relations worse.  No doubt there is racism in our Country.  It covers every race represented in our land.  There is no place for it and hopefully we as a culture at some point will not classify or judge people for the color of their skin.  Why does it matter what color your skin is?

So how does Trayvon Martin and Obama play into this you ask?  A week or two ago Obama weighed in on the shooting.  First off, why? I will tell you why, it is election year and he felt this would be great time to step and secure more of the minority vote and possibly another voter base he had not touched.  Before you scream out that is ridiculous and off base let explain.  Obama said that if he had a son he would have looked like Trayvon.  Maybe so.  But what is the need for that statement and for him to offer his opinion, other than to tighten the screw on the racial pressure cooker that is steaming over this.

SOLDIER 002 If it was not politically motivated and for vote seeking then why didn’t he come out and say that if he had a son they might have looked like Edward J. Frank II or Jameel T. Freeman?  Let me correct myself, Sgt. Edward J. Frank or Spec. Jameel T. Freeman.  Sgt. Frank was killed in Afghanistan in August 2011 and Spec. Freeman was killed in August 2011 as well.  Click their names and you can read more on who these men were.  Isn’t it possible that if he had sons they may look like one of these young heroes?  Why didn’t he step up and weigh in on their deaths?  Because these young men were just names on a report that he reads each day.  That’s it.  There were no votes to be gained by acknowledging them.  I know George W. never did either and he wasn’t obligated to.  I don’t think Obama is either.  However, W. never stepped up and talked a bout a kid being shot in the streets looking like his child.

Obama stepped up kicked the beehive knowingly and hoped when the dust settled their would be some votes in it for him.  I hope that our Country does the right thing in November, for the sake of all of us.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The shooting of Trayvon Martin, justified or not?

The shooting of the Florida teen, Trayvon Martin has dominated the press and stirred vigils all over the country.  Is it a tragedy this young teen is now dead?  You bet it is.  Anytime a young person loses their life it is a tragedy.  I always think if they could have just made it past that time in their life what could they have done.  The shooting of Martin has stirred much emotion.  It has brought the issue of race back to the forefront.  Was this a hate crime? Was it justified?  Where do you stand?

I think the entire case has been slanted since the beginning.  The initial photos of Martin and his shooter George Zimmerman is where the slant begun.  Martin’s photos made him look like he was about 12 and probably unable to grow more than peach fuzz on his baby face.  Zimmerman’s were much less flattering.  His showed a heavyset, unshaved man in a county jail orange jumpsuit.  I don’t care if you are Brad Pitt, the orange jumpsuit is not going to give you a fair shake in a photo.  There have been more recent photos showing Zimmerman, clean shaven and in a suit looking like an everyday businessman.  Then the new photos of Martin look like a ghetto street thug.  So which one is more accurate?  Probably somewhere in the middle – for both of them.

tm Zimmerman, the leader of the neighborhood watch.  It appears that he was a habitual 911 caller.  As a former police officer, I know the type.  We called them scanner babies.  They would scour every transmission that came over the radio.  They would show up near crime scenes.  They were always willing to help, when in actuality they were a pain in the rear.  That is how I picture Zimmerman.  The neighborhood watch leader who took his job real serious. 

Martin, a young black teen, probably not unlike many teens his age from just about anywhere.  I don’t think he was an altar boy that he was being portrayed as.  I am not saying he was a bad kid.  But I doubt he was ready for sainthood or to be made into a martyr.  Tell me a 17 year old boy that is.  He was recently suspended for having marijuana residue in his backpack.  He was also suspended for writing obscene graffiti in the school and was under investigation for having women’s jewelry in his backpack.  Now none of these are capital punishment crimes.  But I think it does show that images (7)Trayvon may not have been just fun loving innocent young boy.

The Shooting:  What went down that night?  We may never truly know the answer to that.  There is Zimmerman’s side, the police side, Martin’s side (which we will never know ) and what the side which most directly resembles what really happened.  There are stories that martin just went for some skittles and tea, Zimmermann starts following him, a fight ensues and Martin gets shot.  No fault of his.  Then Zimmerman’s version resembles some of the story.  His also has the part where he gets punched in the face and Martin commences to bouncing his head off of the asphalt.  The endings are the same.

Florida has what is known as the Stand your Ground Law.  Basically if you are getting your ass kicked and you think it could go real bad for you, you have the right to defend yourself – with lethal force.  The law makes this case very interesting.  How so?  Was Zimmerman within his rights to defend himself, by law it looks like it.  That I know will be open for debate for some time to come.  Now, did Zimmerman have any business following Martin?  He wasn’t breaking the law and he was a self appointed caped crusader.  Honestly though why the hell did he feel the need to follow him, I don’t know.  images (5)But then again I never understood the fascination of the scanner babies either.

I think this self appointed keeper of the neighborhood got into too deep, got his ass kicked and reacted by shooting this kid.  I think he did quit following Martin and then Martin circled back around and acted like many other 17 year old, testosterone filled young men would.  He was going to be tough and he brought fists to a gunfight.  Is it a tragedy? Yes.  Are either one of them innocent? No.  Are they both to blame for the actions? Yes.  Is Zimmerman covered by the law, yes.

I think the bottom line is that this being blown into a racial killing when it is not.  There is more black on black crime, white on white crime or race on race crime that occurs everyday.  You can pick up the St. Louis paper each day and see many shootings that involve innocent participants.  You have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson there to exploit everyone they can.  I am not sure why our President felt it necessary to interject himself into this either.  I do not see him talking about each shooting victim that goes down or even the individual serviceman that is killed in combat.  The only reason I can see is that it is election year and he may just be vying for some votes.  I am not sure why Trayvon’s mother felt it necessary to trademark his name for future royalties.  I find that a little disturbing.  The fact the Black Panther Party has put a bounty on Zimmerman.  That is a great for race relations.  Racial Extremists on either side of the color barrier are idiots.   The entire situation is bad.  Where do you stand?

images (6)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Death Penalty and Teenagers; What should the age limit be?

The topic of the Death Penalty is one that spawns as much argument from both sides of the coin as any other.  Both sides of the fence are adamant in their view and feel they are backed by facts, faith and opinion.  Just to add some serious gas to the open flame, where do you stand on the juvenile death penalty?  What is the age the death penalty should be applicable?  If you commit the crime at a certain age, should that make you eligible to receive a ride on the lightning?imagesa

In 2005 the US Supreme court ruled that anyone under the age of 18 when they committed their crime would not be eligible for the death penalty.  The case that went to the Supreme Court to establish this ruling is a case from right here in Jefferson County Missouri.  It involved Christopher Simmons, 17 at the time, and a couple of younger accomplices.  They broke in to the Fenton home of Shirley Crook, duct taped her mouth bound her to a chair and then threw her into the Meramec River and let her drown.  Simmons was sentenced to death and then later had it commuted to life after the Supreme Court ruling.

So that brings me back to what age to do you begin to be responsible for your actions?  I am a proponent of the death penalty.  I don’t think we use it enough.  However, when it comes to juveniles committing murder, I am not sure where I stand.  Honestly I think it needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis. The competency of the individual should be looked at in each case.  I don’t think there should be the broad brush stroke of kill ‘em all or don’t kill any of them.  It needs to be looked at.

s-BUSTAMANTE-largeLast year, we were all shocked when Alyssa Bustamante 15,   killed the 9 year old girl from the neighborhood.  Why did she do it?  Because she wanted to see what it felt like to kill someone.  She wrote in her diary how much of a thrill it had been.  She also talked about how she had planned it and pre-dug graves to put her in.  She was sentenced to life WITH the possibility of parole.  This was a premeditated.  It fits the criteria for a capital punishment case.  Should she receive it?  She said she was sorry.  Is she sorry she did it or sorry she got caught?  Do you think there is a chance for her to reform her thought process and someday be productive in society?  Does she deserve the chance?  I know how I would feel if it was my daughter she killed for the thrill of it.

When I became a cop in 1994 the first 4 inmates I dealt with for homicide were all under the age of 18.  Two of them killed a girl because she was fat.  They stuffed her body in a luggage carrier on a car and drove south with it and then eventually dumped her in a ditch.  One was a girl, she stabbed her mother to death because she was mad.  Another killed his baby by slapping his head on the floor until it popped.  They all received various sentences.  The slime that killed his baby is already out and has been out for years.  There is no doubt the age of the people committing the crimes played a part in their sentences.  Out of all of them the only one I ever saw show in remorse for what they had done was the girl that killed her mother.  The two that killed the girl, they would laugh openly about what they had done.  It made them cool.  The baby killer, well he is another whole story.  His Facebook page lists spending time with his kids his favorite thing to do.  I wonder if that includes the one he beat to death? 

So I don’t know where I stand on the juvenile death penalty.  I think there is an age when it is too young.  But I know the ones that I personally had interaction with would have prime candidates to be strapped to the table.  I don’t think abolishing it is the answer. It is truly in the gray area. 

011 On a side note, Chris Simmons when in the county jail would walk by the other suspects that helped him throw Crook into the river and would laugh.  He follow it up with saying, “bubble bubble.”  I don’t think he was very remorseful either.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dealing with the Taliban is a Losing Hand

taliban The past few weeks there has been an underlying news story that really hasn’t got the

attention I think it deserves.  The Nation is too wrapped up in the Republicans battling each other for the nod from their party to face B. Hussein Obama in the election.  There is a faction that is still “outraged” at the video of the Marines peeing on the dead Taliban. (I have previously stated how I feel about this.  To catch you up – empty the bladders).  Maybe it is the up coming Super Bowl or some other news of the moment.

I have been seeing in various news outlets the B. Hussein Obama administration is wanting and possibly already conducting negotiations with the Taliban.  This news spawned a little more research on this topic by me.  Then last week they discussed the possibility of releasing some Taliban from Guantanamo Bay.  This is to be done hoping the Taliban would see this as a peace offering.  I am not sure that I am a big fan of this idea.  Well, actually let me clear that up a bit, I think it is one of the most  asinine moves we could make.

I am all for figuring out a way of bringing our troops home and bringing them back as soon as possible.  It is time for us to leave the little sandy hell hole in the Middle East.  However, negotiating with the very people that were sawing the heads off of our people turns my stomach.  For those of you that have not figured it out, here you go – They still hate us and will continue to plan on ways to kill us.  I think the only olive branch of peace that we extend to them is one that would properly placed to make them look like little Taliban popsicles.

I am not a war monger or person who thinks there is never a time to go to the table and see what you can work out.  In CERTAIN situations that is a great idea.  President Reagan did just that with the Soviet Union.  It was a great move.  The key to that talk is that both sides wanted to set down and work something out for the betterment of the World.  Both sides wanted to talk.  This is not the case with the Taliban.  The basic fundamental of their beliefs will not allow it. Also the thought of here let me give you some of your prisoners back, we will leave so you can do what you want and in return you promise to like us more and not kill us, is not a great method of negotiating.  It will be perceived as weakness on our part and the Taliban will view it as a victory. Even if they promise to play well with others, I think their actions over the past, oh, few hundred years have showed they may be set in their ways a bit.  I don’t think I would trust them anytime too soon.

I want our troops home.  I want the world to be safer for my kids as they grow up.  But, I don’t think this is a step in the right direction.  What do you think?

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mike Tyson entering the WWE Hall of Fame, what a joke

I do not write very often about the current world of professional wrestling.  I will be honest, I am very fond of the “old” days of pro wrestling.  That does not mean there isn’t extremely talented workers out there doing their thing day end and day out.  For every one that makes it to the WWE there are several more on the independent level that should be and have the talent.  They harleyjust haven’t been given the opportunity.

But, with that being said, I think for the most part the “big time” has lost its focus.  After nine years in the ring as a professional wrestler, I feel that I have a right to my opinion.  What do I mean by losing its focus?  I think in a way they have watered it down.  The product is as extreme now as it has ever been, but I think it has also lost sight of the base it came from.  Maybe the market has changed and there isn’t the support to fill the houses with the old style.  That might be the case.images (2) images (3) images (4)

How has it been watered down?  I provide the induction class of 2012 to the WWE Hall of Fame.  One inductee stands out, Mike Tyson.  Really? Mike Tyson!  I know what difference does it make it IS the PRO WRESTLING hall of fame.  It does make difference.  It is what has been established by our profession to recognize the greatest that our sport has seen.  I think it is a great idea.  However, when Pete Rose, Drew Carey and now Mike Tyson are made members, I think it loses some of its steam.  Putting them in the WWE HoF is like putting someone in Cooperstown for throwing out the first pitch at a ball game.  It is ridiculous.

When you look at the past inductees, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, Andre the Giant, Stone Cold and Abdullah the Butcher to name just a few, do these others deserve to be honored the same way?  Absolutely not.  I know to some this may seem like a ridiculous article and couldn’t care less.  That’s fine.  I just hate to see something that was such a big part of my life, something I spilled a ton of blood doing, resort to this.  Professional wrestling does enough to make a mockery out of itself with out putting convicted rapists in their Hall of Fame.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Candidate to be a Human Urinal

I am going to consider this an extension of the post that I recently did about the Marines peeing on the dead insurgents.  This upset a lot of people that our Marines were filmed doing such a thing.  What would put them in that mindset?  Don’t they realize they are just going to make the enemy hate us more?  The enemy will retaliate.  These are some of the things I heard about the Marines’ actions.

First off, they hate us because of who we are and what we stand for.  It would be impossible for them to hate us more than they already do.  It does not matter what we do, their hate meter is topped out.  The fear of their retaliation is the basis of what they want.  They want us to fear their retribution.  Here is a suggestion, look up the definition of terrorism.  This is how they operate.  We can not stick our heads in the sand and live in fear of what might happen if they get mad.  So, that brings an old phrase to mind, “piss on them”.  I guess that in a way is what these Marines did.

As far as why they would do that or what was their mindset.  I takes a different mindset to survive in the situations that our combatants are put in day in and day out.  With that, I bring you a picture of  Middle Eastern man.  How does this picture make you feel and what mind set does it give you?  I wonder if he is worried about offending us?  I wonder if his media rakes him over the coals for his attire?  Food for thought.

no good son of a bitch

Monday, January 23, 2012

Peeing Marines

I recently received this article from a friend of mine (thanks Gary).  I found it quite to be an interesting read. It is not politically marines-peeing-on-Talibancorrect by any means.  But, I must say I think the PC crap has really put us as a society in the situation we are in.  The article is about the Marines that were filmed peeing on the dead combatants.

I have heard some pretty strong opinions about this video from several people, including former Marines.  The opinions have been on each end of the spectrum. As a combat veteran I can say there are things that occur in a combat zone that are not pretty and they damn sure not politically correct.  People act different.  They do things they usually would not do.  I know a lot of veterans that are are probably glad and lucky that our wars were not fought in the age of instant media and the internet.

Now these Marines that were filmed purging their bladders were not the sharpest.  I am not judging them for peeing on enemy.  I never did it, I just didn’t think of it.  I did see things that would make people gasp.  The Marines that served with me, I could give you the names and the stories.  Where the lack of mental capacity came in was filming it!  You don’t put it on film and if you do don’t post it.  But that is the age we live in.  I don’t condemn them for the actions at all.  They should have been smarter.  Anyway here is the article, I think it is great.

 YOU PEE FOR ME, MARINE by Bob Lonsberry
You pee for us all, Marine.
This has to do with the video that popped up yesterday. It’s 40 seconds, and it shows four Marines standing above the bodies of some dead Taliban.
Peeing on them.
“Have a great day, buddy,” one of the Marines says to the corpse at his feet.
Let’s review.
America is at war with militant Islam. In Afghanistan, the Taliban is militant Islam. In Afghanistan, the Taliban gave refuge and support to Al Qaeda as it prepared the attacks of September 11. In Afghanistan, the Taliban works around the clock to put American servicemen in their graves.
The Taliban is the bad guys.
And the United States Marines are the good guys.
And this is much ado about nothing.
Because the brass are crapping their pants.
“This is egregious, disgusting behavior,” said Pentagon spokesman Capt. John Kirby. “It turned my stomach.” 
Kirby’s branch of the service is not listed, but I'm guessing it’s Girl Scouts. 
It turned his stomach? 
We are a nation at war. We've had thousands of Americans die. We've brought hundreds of thousands home with losses of limb and mind, and THIS turns his stomach?
That’s not exactly a warrior spirit. 
And it makes you wish that men like those urinating Marines were running this operation. 
But they are not. 
And they will be crucified. 
Because our military establishment specializes in throwing young GIs under the bus. Any number of desk jockeys and political generals are glad to backstab as many warriors as they can. In the White House and at the Pentagon, the god of political correctness is fed with the frequent sacrifice of young soldiers’ careers. 
You send people to war, but heaven help them if they act like it. Hamstrung by Marquis of Queensbury rules in a bar fight with savages, our GIs are attacked by enemy fighters on one side and government lawyers on the other. 
It’s a funny game where no one has their back. 
Except the American people. 
Which gets me back to my point. 
You pee for us all, Marine. 
That group of Camp Lejeune snipers is condemned by the political generals, but embraced by the American people. 
Because that’s what you get when you screw with the United States of America. You get a bullet through the brainpan, and we're going to line up to spit on the pieces. 
Unless we have a full bladder. 
And show the YouTube far and wide, as a warning to your pals. This is what it means to mess with America. The pantywaists in the Pentagon might want to win your hearts and minds, but the men pulling the triggers want to snap your freaking necks. 
And some 310 million real Americans feel the same way. Mess with the best, die like the rest. The sooner the better, the more the merrier, and don't be surprised if it’s not holy water you get sprinkled with. 
Real people aren't bothered by this. 
Real people believe this is how war should be fought. 
Real people think that we've pussyfooted around long enough, it’s time to make the rubble bounce. Pull the B52s out of the barn and let’s light those mo-fos up. 
And real people are sick and tired of the feigned indignation coming out of the Pentagon and White House. Life is not group therapy and war is not run by “Robert Rules of Order.” War is where you kill people and break the will of a society. 
War is where you make the other guy cry “Uncle.” 
Ask the people of Hiroshima and Dresden. 
Or Atlanta, for that matter. 
You attack the United States and you die. You die ugly. There are only two sure winners – us and the maggots. And any people, nation or religion that can't stand that heat should stay the hell out of the kitchen. 
So if you don't want to be blown to bits and pieces, and pissed on by fine examples of American manhood, then you better stay home with mama. You better lay off the jihad. You better learn some manners and mind your Ps and Qs. 
Because Lady Liberty is shaking her fist. 
And that’s not just some words in a song. 
That’s our pledge. 
We're going to kill you, and we're going to cheer the men who do it. 
And the rest of you goat-bearded savages better shake in your sandals, because those Marines pee for us. 
And they're coming for you next.
- by Bob Lonsberry © 2012 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Cats finally bring the 2011 season to an end

Even though the season ended months ago, it really never has the feel of finality until the banquet. It has officially ended as of last night. The reason I am writing this post to my personal blog instead of the Blackcat Football site is this is more of a personal message.

I wanted to take a couple minutes to say thank you to the players, parents and my fellow coaches for another great season. I had a great time. We may have not had the record that we all wanted but it is a season that I will always remember.

This group of seniors were truly a special group. I was especially attached to this group I had coached the seniors since they were in junior high. They are group of fine young men and will go onto great things in their future. It is a group like this that makes you come back year after year as a coach. I am going to miss them, not just on the field but off.

We also had a great group of parents that supported us as staff and helped with so much during the season. Thank you!

To the coaches, we had a good year. But, we have a lot of work to do before next year. It is the beginning of a new era in Blackcat Football. It is one that I am very excited for. I am ready.

Friday, January 6, 2012

al Sadr not just another pretty face with a Colgate smile

Moktada al-Sadr is not just another handsome face on the world political scene.  This Colgate model is going to be the next big problem the World will see in Iraq.

al-Sadr is a very open anti-American idealist.  He makes no bones about it.  His troops, the Mehdi Army, fought some of the most fierce battles against American troops during the Iraq war.  Early on in the war al-Sadr was very vocal and raising quite the stink with our troops.  As things heated up for him he hid and then waited for right time.  That time is now.  With the with drawl of American troops, he immediately resurfaced and began to call for the dissolution of the government that is in place now.  He is demanding "new" elections.

He is powerful and has many followers.  According to his family lineage he is a direct decedent of Muhhamad.  He hates America and that should be a concern to all.  The US military had the chance to take this guy out years ago and we didn't.  I think that is a move that is going to haunt us in the long run.  There is an old quote, "those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it"; bin Laden and Hussein to name a few examples.

Time will tell, but I think we have yet to see the worst of al-Sadr.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Back & Looking Forward

The McHawes Men
 As I look back on 2011, I must say it wasn't really all that bad. In fact I would have to say I was truly blessed during the past 12 months. Every year has its ups and downs, that's life. But, I must say this past year was a definite "UP" year for my family and I.
 It started in April, I was given the opportunity to transfer from a place at work that I could not have been more miserable to a place where the job is great, my partner is great and my boss is off the charts.

That same month my son left for the USMC. Even though he still battles the homesick bug he is doing really well and I am very proud of him. The spring rolled into the summer and football season began. We did not finish with the record that we wanted, but I had a great time and I feel I had the chance to coach along side the best coaching staff around.

My children are healthy and doing great in all they do. My photography business had a great year. 

My Cardinals won another Championship. Man, what a season and series.

However, the event that truly shows blessed we were happen late in the summer. My Father had six heart attacks. He was out of the hospital in less than a week and back to work, without restrictions, within a month. He is doing great. What could have been the worst year turned into the greatest because my Father is still here and just as rotten as always. I am not sure what I would do without my Dad.

Looking at 2012, I have some high expectations. I will not say I have resolutions, but I have some goals that I want to accomplish. I want to take the weight off that has resulted in me taken a few different pills to keep my numbers in order. I am not unhealthy, but I could be better with my lifestyle. I kind of want to hang out for another 30 or 40 years or so.

In regard to 40, well I hit that in July. Wow! Where did those years go? I hope at 40 I will have learned how to be a better Dad, husband, son and friend.

I can't wait for football season. I am ready for a new era in Blackcat football to begin.

I can't wait for Cardinal baseball, How many days until Spring training?

Above and beyond all, I have a few friends that are faced with family members having SERIOUS health issues. I asked they are blessed and healed this year so they can celebrate many more New Years to come.

Happy New Year and welcome 2012!  I leave you with this video from Josh, Things Are Fixin to Get Real Good.