Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adios Albert

The day has finally come that many of the true fans of Cardinal Nation thought would never happen.  The day we say good bye to Albert.  Don't be mistaken I am as a big of fan of Albert as anyone else, Cardinal Baseball is a religion within our family.

I have mixed emotions about this entire scenario.  I am ticked the Cardinals didn't get this done a couple years ago and never let it get to this point.  When the Twins decided they were going to hang their hat on Joe Mauer, they went after him with both barrels.  They wanted to ensure he knew he was wanted.  The Cards' front office failed in this area.  If they would have done the right thing then, we never would have faced this.

On the flip side, I think it has shown a true depiction of who Albert is, not who we thought he was.  Now, I don't blame him.  If you can get it, get it and he got it.  Good for him.  Yet, his entire career here he has talked about wanting to be a Cardinal for life, wanting to be the next Stan Musial, etc etc.  But when it boiled down to it, it wasn't about the love affair shared in St. Louis.  It wasn't about the tradition of Cardinal Nation.  It wasn't about being El Hombre.  It was about green folding paper.  It was about the money.  Baseball after all is a business.  A big business.  This was a business decision.  I get it.  But I feel that for the past decade plus I have bought into a false superstar.  If it is about the money, I could have dealt with him saying that for the past several years.  But, he didn't he lured Cardinal fans into the mindset he shared the same love with them and this team as they did.  Shame on us for being gullible.  I think when it boiled down to it, Albert in his mind, outgrew St. Louis and he was done being a Cardinal.

This is not the end of Cardinal baseball.  It is a new beginning of  a new era.  I am anxious to see how Albert deals with the not so friendly West coast media.  As far as the contract, 10 years and 250 million - that's crazy!

The Cards just opened a big spot in the pay roll let's see them go get a few players now.

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  1. To quote Meatloaf "You took the words right out of my mouth...". I don't blame the Cards for not breaking the bank. What will piss me off is if they don't take that money and get a significant upgrade at SS, bolster the bullpen, and get an outfielder who can hit for average with some po (speed would be nice too). WE have to replace a lot of runs now. I believe Berkman is servicable at 1st base for now. I don't think he will produce like he did last year.

    Mo has lots of work to do, plus deal with the general letdown of Cardinal Nation. However, it does lower expectations for Matheny now as a Manager. He has been dealt a hand at this point that may not be Aces. YOu think he's dreading that press conference????