Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Killer in the Festus, Wal Mart

This past week  everyone from this area has seen and watched the horrific coverage of the mother that killed her 13 month old son in South St. Louis and then dumped the body in the woods.  I am unsure how anyone could hurt a child, let alone their own flesh and blood.  It is beyond me.

In all of my years as a police officer, the cases involving children were extremely difficult for me to deal with.  As a rookie working for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, I was assigned to the Jail.  One of my duties was to book in the arrestees  when they were brought in.  I remember all of the ones that I booked in that were charged with homicide.  One that sticks out in my mind was the first baby killer that I booked in.  He was a teen ager that had killed his infant son.  The murder had taken place in Herculaneum in 1994-95 time frame.  He basically took the child and slapped his head on the floor until he cracked it like a pumpkin.  Why you ask?  because the child wouldn't stopped crying.  I have always wondered about that mind set, the child won't quit crying so I think I will hurt him.  That always works.  Well it did in this case, permanently.  After some time in the county jail, a trial, he was basically released on parole.  I remember the night he got there, I left the TVs on in the cell pods so all of the prisoners could see the news and know who was being brought in.

I have ran into this piece of human waste a few times since his skating on killing his child.  I usually make sure that I bring it to his attention that I remember him.  I usually make sure the people around when I see him know he killed his child.

Well tonight, I was walking through Wal Mart with my daughter and low and behold was the piece of child killing trash was there.  My daughter being with me with out doubt saved him from another public announcing of what he did.  In fact, I circled back through the store because to find him.  I had decided he was not going to get a pass.  He was gone.

Charlie, you know who you are.  There are many of us who will not forget what you have done.  You will always be a baby killer.  I find it ironic that his FB page lists "playing with my children" as one of his interests.  It must be tough playing with the one you killed 17 years ago.

I guess this post tonight is more of a rant than anything.  It just sickens me to know this scum walks free on a Daly basis.  I firmly believe any violent crimes against children should be capital crimes.  Hurt a kid, get your ticket punched.

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