Sunday, August 28, 2011

Marines no longer allowed to fart in Afghanistan

Ok,  when I first heard this I thought this has to be a joke.  Who doesn't like farts?  How many times have you seen a baby fart and then laugh?  They even know this is funny at a young age.  I rant quite often how our country has become so politically correct they have almost completely handcuffed us in functioning in everyday life.

There has now been an imposed ban on audible farts in Afghanistan.  Why you might ask?  Well, they might offend the Afghans.  They find farting offensive.  The first thing that comes to my mind is they can "blow it out their ass".  Google the story and you will find that I am not just blowing hot air.  This is true.

The Marines are not supposed to cuss (I wonder how they even communicate) and then no farting?  C'mon.  First of all farting is almost a sport.  It is hell of a lot more fun than some sports. I wonder why we are so worried they might be offended.  I am offended that they KILL our servicemen.  IED's and roadside bombs are pretty offensive themselves.  Maybe that's the trade no busting ass and no blowing us up.

I say we should take all their food and provide them with roasted pig to eat, put a Hustler magazine on every corner, use Andrew Dice Clay as a public speaker and serve beans for week to our military people.  I would think with the towels on their heads they could pull a flap down to cover their noses.

The bottom line, this is sad.  Sad that our country would bow down to such a ridiculous thing.  In honor and protest we should all hike a cheek and let one fly for the US Marines that are holding them in.

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