Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another candidate for a front of the line meeting with the Grim Reaper

Once again here is another prime candidate to push to the front of the line for a meeting with the Grim Reaper.  The piece of human excrement was led into the courtroom in a surgical mask and mesh bag because he had spit in the face of the court clerk during a previous court appearance.  After reading this story I felt like the police should have used a plastic bag over his head to ensure the spitter did not re-offend.

This is one of those cases that I read about and I feel there is not a just punishment for this scumbag.  There is not enough torture that would fit this crime.  In a a little more research I found out the burns on the little girl's body could have been sustained AFTER she was dead.  He not only beat her to death, tore her internal organs and anus, he burned her with a space heater after she was dead.  Here is the story from the Post.

 Convicted killer Anthony O'Neal wore a surgical mask and a white mesh bag over his head as an unusually large contingent of officers and bailiffs escorted him into a St. Louis County Courtroom Friday morning.
They were taking no chances after what happened July 15, as O'Neal was led from a court where a jury had just convicted him in the beating death of his girlfriend's 14-month-old daughter.
As Circuit Court Judge Steven Goldman was thanking the jury that day, O'Neal turned and spit in the face of court clerk Stephanie Cook.
"Did he just spit on me?" Cook, in shock, said at the time. She turned to the judge. "Did you see that?"
Hence, the mesh hood when O'Neal returned to face sentencing and a charge of contempt of court. Goldman ordered him to serve life in prison for second-degree murder and tacked on five months and 20 days for contempt.
O'Neal, 20, of Riverview, was allowed to remove the mask but not the hood after a request from defense attorney John Rogers. He argued that the devices were inhumane and that O'Neal was "docile" when they spoke earlier.
Goldman pointed out that O'Neal also had appeared "docile" throughout the trial, before he spit on the clerk.
"I don't know how you can show more disrespect than spitting on a clerk in the courtroom," Goldman told O'Neal.
The judge also had more to say about the murder of the toddler, Josie Sproaps.
O'Neal had been watching the girl alone overnight in the girl's mother's apartment in the 300 block of
Chambers Road in March 2009. When the girl's mother returned after working an overnight shift, she found the toddler dead. The child had severe bruises and burns from a space heater all over her body, head trauma and tears to her internal organs and anus.
"Over the past 40 years in St. Louis County, I don't think there's been more damage done to another human being than in this case," Goldman said. "And I thought of this a lot."
Prosecutors had sought a first-degree murder conviction but the jurors found him guilty of second-degree murder instead.
In Friday's hearing, Goldman cited other terrible crimes: the 1980 death of an elderly quadriplegic, Woodrow Wilson Elliott, who was beaten and stabbed in the head and his house set on fire, and the 1982 deaths of Donna and Gary Decker, who were shot after being kidnapped from a store parking lot.
Anthony O'Neal's mother, watching from the courtroom gallery, began muttering as Goldman talked about the other gruesome killings. "The damage has been done!" she shouted, before bailiffs led her from the courtroom.
After Goldman pronounced his sentence, guards led O'Neal past the clerk's desk. As she did last month, Cook sat at her desk. Only this time, she gave O'Neal an icy stare as he walked out.

There is no way this POS should be allowed to take another breath in peace for his hopefully short stay that he has left on this Earth.  I am still a proponent of Capital Punishment for ANY crime that harms a child.  I don't care if it is murder, sexual abuse or physical abuse.  You ride the freaking lightning!  You lose your rights and you get pushed to the front of the Reaper line. 

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