Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lee Brice, Randy Hauser, Jamey Johnson, Willie Nelson and rain - 6/10/11

What had the promise of being a great outlaw country concert turned out to be a sloppy wet let down.  Lee Brice took the stage first and tore it up.  Things were looking good.  Randy H.  followed him and was in the process of really priming the pump and then the rains hit.....hard.  I will admit hearing Simple Man in the pouring rain was almost a religious experience.  After about an hour rain delay, the modern day Outlaw Jamey Johnson strolled to center stage.  This is where it goes bad.  I am a Jamey Johnson fanatic.  I love his music.  But not when he only sings 2 of his songs and then mumbles through covers of other artists and only plays for about 40 minutes and leaves.  Willie took the stage about 30 minutes later and delivered flawless renditions of his biggest hits.  It was also intriguing to see that Willie can pull his pants up higher than any other man around.  I am not sure if he was wearing a belt or a tie.  Anyway, this is my bride and I at the concert.  This is the picture of the day.

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