Thursday, June 23, 2011

The 2 bite booger - 6/23/11

A couple of weeks ago I posted a Tweet that stirred a large amount of commentary from many of you.  The Tweet was about me watching a little fat girl at my daughters' softball game having to take 2 bites to get all of the booger off of her thumb, that she had just picked.

OK, with that being said I actually had a request to write a blog about just that, eating boogers.  You asked for it, so here it is.

I must start by saying that I have never dined at the Booger Buffet.  So I was going to have to do some "digging" for some information on this topic.  I turned to the Internet to find out more facts on this Glandular Goldmine that we all have hanging off the front of our heads.  How does one search for facts about these little Mucus Meals?  I Googled "booger eaters"  I then "picked" a few of the best stories to sink my teeth into.  The process of dining on these little nuggets from the nose stove is called "Mucophagy".  I guess it sounds better than digging in your brain cavity for something to snack on.

As totally opposed to munching on a Snot Dog, there are proponents of nose mining for lunch.  One search person is an Austrian doctor by the name of Dr. Friedrich Bischenger.  This booger boasting Doc says that picking your nose with your finger is a great practice because it puts your nose in tune with your body and there are just some places that you can't reach with a hanky.  He goes on to say that dining on these little dirt ball delicacies is just part of the natural process and will actually boost your immune system.  I am not sure a diet of mucus melons is in my future, I think I will take my chances of getting colds.

I decided to dig a little deeper into my quest.  I was taken back a little when my searches kept coming back with J-Lo and Brooke Shields as two of today's stars that have been known to indulge in these self made snacks.  I also came across a video of Chase Daniels, while on the sidelines, do a little gold mining, roll it into a ball and appear to have a little mid game snack.  A little pick it out / pick me up snack to get him through the game.

This brings me back to the little fat girl I saw taking two bites to get all of her beak burrito down.  Maybe she is just very health conscious and wants to boost her immune system?  Maybe she will be the next Brooke Shields or the next judge on American Idol or a NFL quarterback?  I don't know.  If eating a snot rocket is what it takes to get you to that level, well I guess I will stay right here!

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