Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fellow Coach and loyal reader of the blog

Today's picture feature one of my oldest friends, fellow Marine and football coach.  Coach Todd Medley, a loyal and faithful reader of the blog.  This is the picture of the day.

A drive through garage

As I was pulling into my subdivision I noticed that somebody in a minivan decided to make a drive through garage.  I am not sure that I would like it that much, but to each their own.  This is the picture of the day.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marine Week, part 2 - 6/26/11

This morning we went and observed the closing ceremony for Marine Week.  The Silent Drill Platoon also performed and were razor sharp as usual.  The Mayor of St. Louis presented the Lt. Colonel with a Key to the City.  In the closing ceremony, the Lt. Col. honored the Gold Star families of Missouri.  He said the only way he would know how to honor them would be with a song.  He continued the only song that he knows that was written from the streets of Heaven, the Marine's Hymn.  These are the pictures of the day.

The Marines have landed in St. Louis - 6/25/11

The Marines have taken over St. Louis for Marine week.  As usual the Corps has provided a top of the line presentation for everyone.  This has been the best PR for the USMC that I have ever seen.  The family and I went on Saturday.  They all were in awe with the displays and presentations.  Madison and Marli even got into the action.  These are the pictures of the day.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Free Farting Zones in the Airport - 6/24/11

Many of you were aware of the gas cloud that I was forced to suffer in while in O'Hare Airport yesterday.  I learned by the woman next to me that an airport is a free farting zone.  You are allowed to just bust ass with no consideration to anyone around you.  I am sure when this person ate the dead animals that it didn't smell like it did on the way out.  What leaked from this human sewer was worse than roadkill on the asphalt in July.

I was impressed she was able to keep up a steady flow of the nauseating gas for such an extended period of time.  Hats of for that.  Anyway, inside the red circle is Ms. Farts a Lot.  This is the picture of the day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dayton, Ohio and what it is famous for - 6/23/11

This past week I have had the glorious opportunity to spend it in Dayton, Ohio.  I am sure that all of you know that Dayton is famous for....nothing.  While you are here you will also find the most exciting thing to do is.....nothing.  The 2 most entertaining things that I have seen while I have been here is -WARNING THIS IS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT - 1. the guy in the hotel lobby that wears a fanny pack like a trooper strap (over the shoulder and across his chest).  I assume this is for quick draw action of his pocket protector.  2.  The stuttering Asian guy that I saw at lunch today.  I must start by saying I have never seen a stuttering Asian before.  He was talking to three other Asian gentlemen.  They looked like they were waiting for his record to become unstuck.  All I could hear was "Bbbow..bbbow...bbbow...bbbow..he never got it out by the time I walked by.  He sounded like a little scooter being wound out.  I warned you this wasn't politically correct.

Anyway I took a picture of what Dayton has to offer.  This is the picture of the day.

The 2 bite booger - 6/23/11

A couple of weeks ago I posted a Tweet that stirred a large amount of commentary from many of you.  The Tweet was about me watching a little fat girl at my daughters' softball game having to take 2 bites to get all of the booger off of her thumb, that she had just picked.

OK, with that being said I actually had a request to write a blog about just that, eating boogers.  You asked for it, so here it is.

I must start by saying that I have never dined at the Booger Buffet.  So I was going to have to do some "digging" for some information on this topic.  I turned to the Internet to find out more facts on this Glandular Goldmine that we all have hanging off the front of our heads.  How does one search for facts about these little Mucus Meals?  I Googled "booger eaters"  I then "picked" a few of the best stories to sink my teeth into.  The process of dining on these little nuggets from the nose stove is called "Mucophagy".  I guess it sounds better than digging in your brain cavity for something to snack on.

As totally opposed to munching on a Snot Dog, there are proponents of nose mining for lunch.  One search person is an Austrian doctor by the name of Dr. Friedrich Bischenger.  This booger boasting Doc says that picking your nose with your finger is a great practice because it puts your nose in tune with your body and there are just some places that you can't reach with a hanky.  He goes on to say that dining on these little dirt ball delicacies is just part of the natural process and will actually boost your immune system.  I am not sure a diet of mucus melons is in my future, I think I will take my chances of getting colds.

I decided to dig a little deeper into my quest.  I was taken back a little when my searches kept coming back with J-Lo and Brooke Shields as two of today's stars that have been known to indulge in these self made snacks.  I also came across a video of Chase Daniels, while on the sidelines, do a little gold mining, roll it into a ball and appear to have a little mid game snack.  A little pick it out / pick me up snack to get him through the game.

This brings me back to the little fat girl I saw taking two bites to get all of her beak burrito down.  Maybe she is just very health conscious and wants to boost her immune system?  Maybe she will be the next Brooke Shields or the next judge on American Idol or a NFL quarterback?  I don't know.  If eating a snot rocket is what it takes to get you to that level, well I guess I will stay right here!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Holocaust uniforms - 6/22/11

After work today I  ventured over to the Air Farce, I mean the Chair Force, Air Force Museum.  (sorry to the Fly boys on the typos)  It is located at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  Even though I am a Devil Dog through and through, this place had some really awesome displays.  It was obvious the USAF  kept all of the good stuff for here instead of sending to the Smithsonian.

The entire evolution from the Wright Brothers to the Stealth were here.  One of the displays that I found the most interesting was the Holocaust exhibits.  Overwhelming information in this area.  Information that really makes you step back and think.  One of the most interesting displays in this area was the actual uniforms that were worn by the prisoners.  This one specific uniform also had the information of the person who wore it while in captivity.  This is the picture of the day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Very big shoes to fill - 6/21/11

I have seen a lot of amazing things and I have heard many over the top boasts.  However, this one may take the cake.  I am not sure if the claim is true.  I will have to investigate further.  Regardless, this is the picture of the day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Josh Pruno releases first video

Any of you that know me or check the blog have heard me talk several times of Josh Pruno.  This past week the final touches and editing was completed on JP's first video, That's My Cross.  This is a powerful, powerful song with an even more powerful message.

I am so proud of JP and his tireless pursuit of his destiny.  Check this video out here and watch for it soon coming to country video channels.

Great job JP!!!

Planes, trains, automobiles and a giant armadillo - 6/20/11

Traveling with the government can always be an adventure.  When I left my house at 4:00 am this morning in route to Dayton, Ohio via Atlanta, Georgia I should have known I was in for a fiasco.  Arriving in Hotlanta was right on time as we boarded the plane to Dayton, I heard one of the loudest metal on metal noises I had ever heard outside of a combat zone.  Well, a direct relative of Helen Keller was loading baggage, something went wrong and they ripped a hole in the plane.  Let me say that again, they ripped a HOLE in the plane.  The flight is then cancelled.  Next option, fly to Cincinnati - 7 hours later.  While in the process of changing tickets, we see there is a plane to Columbus, Ohio leaving in just a few minutes so we manage to weasel our way onto that flight.  We land in Columbus and go to change rental car plans and I am told even though it is the SAME company I can't change my pick up location.  However, I can rent a car and drive to Dayton to pick up my rental car.  I have no choice and pay for four hours the same price I am renting the other car for, for a week.  We then drive to Dayton, drop off one car pick up the other, drive to the airport and get our luggage.  I should say my luggage because as of the time of this post my partner's luggage has yet to arrive.

I figured a steak dinner and a Budweiser would make this day better.  I walk through the door of the steak place and this is what I am greeted by.  This is the picture of the day.

Happy Father's Day - 6/19/11

As a man I think it so important to have had those strong role models in your life.  The type that taught you what it was like to be a man and how you are supposed to handle things as they come your way.  I was truly blessed with a role model just like that who lived in my home, my Dad.  Anyone can make babies, but only a select few can be the Dad you need.  Don't get me wrong there were plenty of times growing up I was mad as hell at my dad and didn't understand him.  He was never concerned about being my friend.  He was too busy showing me the right way.  He took his job as Father very serious.  He was without reproach and never faltered, ever.

I am a Father of three.  I hope and pray that I can just be a fraction of the Dad mine is.  I have his name and I was am proud of it I gave it to my son.  Dad, I love you and most of all I respect you.  Thank you for being the man you are.  This is the picture of the day.

Hangover 2....Again - 6/18/11

You have to love it when your wife suggests that you go see the Hangover 2, again.  So, a Saturday night in Columbia resulted in dinner and a movie with my bride and her sister.  I must say it is even funnier the second time.  My uncle once saw an albino polar bear.  This is the picture of the day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Gioia's as good as ever - 6/17/11

Today's lunch had me making a trip to "The Hill".  The destinations was the same as usual, Gioia's, the absolute best sandwich in St. Louis.  If you have never been there, GO!  Trust the Big Guy, you will not be let down.  This is the picture of the day.

A rose among thorns - 6/16/11

Since I have been coaching high school football, I have been forced to coach with the Almany Brothers, Jim and Tom.  Here I am surrounded an nowhere to go.  Honestly, They are great coaches and great guys.  their football knowledge is unbelievable.  They are a definite asset to our program.  Man, I can't believe I am complimenting these guys.  This is the picture of the day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bacon and anchovies - 6/15/11

Gayla and the girls are out of town, that leaves Pete and I at home to to fend for ourselves.  This means the meals may be a little different.  Tonight was a Bacon and Anchovy pizza from Imo's or as the girls call it Fish Pizza.  This is the picture of the day.

Football Season is upon us - 6/14/11

Even though the actual season does not start for a few more weeks, the Blackcats are preparing.  The Cats meet on Tuesdays to go over football skills.  This is the picture of the day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Secret to being a Power Hitter..... - 6/13/11

Once again Madison and Marli hit the softball diamond last night showcasing their skills.  Prior to their Babe Ruth like performances, I asked what the secret was to being such good hitters.  I guess I should have known, muscles.  This is the picture of the day.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Madison & Marli crushing the fish again - 6/12/11

Since the girls had a successful fishing outing a few weeks ago, they decided it was time to upgrade from a Princess and Spongebob pole.  One trip to Wal Mart later we walked out with a new Shakespeare and Zebco fishing poles.  After awhile they got the hang of their new poles and started bringing the fish in.  This is the picture of the day.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

You know it was a good vacation when....-6/11/11

It has been a good week. As we were driving home, I looked at Madison in the backseat.  She confirmed it had been a good vacation by the look on her face.  This is the picture of the day.

Lee Brice, Randy Hauser, Jamey Johnson, Willie Nelson and rain - 6/10/11

What had the promise of being a great outlaw country concert turned out to be a sloppy wet let down.  Lee Brice took the stage first and tore it up.  Things were looking good.  Randy H.  followed him and was in the process of really priming the pump and then the rains hit.....hard.  I will admit hearing Simple Man in the pouring rain was almost a religious experience.  After about an hour rain delay, the modern day Outlaw Jamey Johnson strolled to center stage.  This is where it goes bad.  I am a Jamey Johnson fanatic.  I love his music.  But not when he only sings 2 of his songs and then mumbles through covers of other artists and only plays for about 40 minutes and leaves.  Willie took the stage about 30 minutes later and delivered flawless renditions of his biggest hits.  It was also intriguing to see that Willie can pull his pants up higher than any other man around.  I am not sure if he was wearing a belt or a tie.  Anyway, this is my bride and I at the concert.  This is the picture of the day.

Happy Birthday Marli - 6/9/11

Today is our baby girl's birthday.  Marli hit the big 6.  I really can't explain just what it has been like since we were blessed with the "Moose".  All I can really say she has provided some of the most hilarious moments, outrageous quotes and crazy facial expressions I have ever seen.  All delivered with her brand of attitude and sarcasm.  She is a one of a kind and I pray she never changes.  We love you Marli.  This is the picture of the day.

Day 2, Silver Dollar City - 6/8/11

What Branson trip would be complete without a trip to Silver Dollar City?  My girls love it there.  This time they were accompanied by their cousin's Carter and Tucker.  So, instead of 2 crackheads, there were 4.  Actually the kids were great and they had a blast.  I am pretty sure I am still wet from the water rides.  Here are the 4 of them in the giant rocking chair that has been in SDC since my parents began taking me when I was a kid.  There are pictures of my brother and I in this chair somewhere.  This is the picture of the day.

Dixie Stampede - 6/7/11

The first evening of the Griswold family vacation brought us to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede.  The food is great and the show is as well.  However, I think the most impressive act was the Japanese Juggler during the pre show, amazing.  Here are my three girls, this is the picture of the day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pete's new do - 6/6/11

Pete the Man took a stroll to do the groomer/beauty shop to day.  After a nice bath and fresh haircut, he was feeling pretty sharp.  We decided to show off the new do.  This is the picture of the day.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Madison and Marli, true anglers - 6/5/11

This afternoon was spent with my daughters and fishing at West City park. It only took us 36 worms and several hooks, however each girl reeled 3 fish a piece in. Marli had a 4th but it got away before she could get it in. This was the girls' first fish they had ever caught. I am not sure if they have stopped giggling yet. These are the pictures of the day.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Anniversary of the Yellow Footprints - 6/4/11

There moments in your life that change you forever.  The moments that once you do it, the path of your life is forever changed.  One of those very moments happened to me 21 years ago today.  It was 21 years ago that I stood on the Yellow Footprints at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.  My life was forever changed, for the better.  This is the picture of the day.

Friday, June 3, 2011

This Bud's for you - 6/3/11

Upon completion of a grueling four day work week for the Federal Government.  There was but only one equitable mode of bringing this work week to a close.....a pitcher of Budweiser.  The nectar of the Gods.  This is the picture of the day.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

28 days till graduation - 6/2/11

4 weeks left, 28 days.  This is the count until my son joins the ranks of the World's Finest.  The Few, the Proud, The Marines.  Semper Fi son, I am so proud of you.  This is the picture of the day.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More tricks by the McHawes Girls - 6/1/11

I am always amazed at my girls and some of the things they come up with.  They are always out to impress with their talents.  Well, tonight it was look what we can do Dad!  For your viewing pleasure, this is the picture of the day.

Monument picture, another view - 5/31/11

After a few weeks I have finally made it through some of my picture from my recent trip to DC. Here is another picture of the Marine War Memorial from a different angle.  Actually this is a picture of the picture.  This is the picture of the day.