Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Mom and I - 3/16/11

Today's picture features my Mother.  I am truly blessed to have the Mom that I have.  I will say she is as tough, hot tempered and bull headed as she is kind, loving and ever supportive.  I learned growing up with her that she had no reservations on popping your chops or set up through the night when you were scared as a kid (usually because of the horrific ghost stories she would tell).  She is the Mom that participated in everything and no one on this earth could save you from her if you screwed with one of her kids.  The hot tempered Indian lady that traded frogs to the arm till I was a senior in high school never muttered the words "wait till your Dad gets home", she handled it herself.

She would treat any kid that came to the house like they were one of her own.  That was great and could be bad if you screwed up.

With all that being said she is the most unconditional loving Mother I have ever known.  I love her dearly and I thank God for making me her son.  She is the picture of the day.  I love you Mom.

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