Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am not scared to beat up a 5 year old & insulting my girl

Parenting is the most rewarding thing that I have ever done in my life.  There is nothing in this world that I enjoy more than being a Dad.  I love my three children with everything I am.  With this being said as a parent you become, I guess the best way to describe it is hyper sensitive to anything that hurts or upsets your child.  I am all about discipline and learning the tough lessons that life brings with it.  However, that doesn’t mean when someone else teaches them the lesson that you don’t feel like kicking their crotch onto their shoulders.  There is a fine line between sheltering them and raising victims.  I have always taught my kids to be respectful, don’t be rude or hurtful and to never start it.  Yet that doesn’t mean you have to endure a steady diet of someone else’s crap.

Well that brings me to one of those incidents that occurred this week.  My youngest daughter, Marli came home the other day and was upset.  I find out from her sister, a little boy had made fun of her  
t-shirt and said it was “weird”.  The shirt is one that Marli’s grandma had brought her back from a vacation to South Dakota.  It is a typical vacation from where ever shirt, nothing weird about it. Marli even asked the boy why it was weird, because her grandma had bought it and she likes it.  Yet this upset her and she didn’t want to wear it when we were going to the park afraid other kid’s would think it was weird as well.  I assured her the shirt was fine and not to pay any attention to this 5 year old protagonist of insults.  We went to the park without incident.  This should be the end right?  Well my inner switch was flipped because my child was insulted and I felt like kicking this kid’s parent’s ass for raising this little smart ass.  I told you I was hyper sensitive.  No apology.

The next morning I told Marli to ignore him if he said anything, and if he did say something and she had to respond, tell him he has big ears.  Now mind you I have never seen this kid he may have little smurf ears or look like the second coming of Dumbo, I dunno.  But, it seemed like a good response.  Yes, I know extremely childish, but hey he hurt my baby’s feelings.  She then tells me he has ears that are pointy like an elf.  Bingo! Now I have something to work with.  I tell her to say, “hey elf ears why don’t you head back to the workshop and make me a toy.”  I am not encouraging you to assist your children in orchestrating come back insults.  I know it was childish on my behalf.  But, don’t screw with my kids.  I can’t help myself.

After she got on the bus for school, I thought to myself, that wasn’t a good thing to do.  She comes home that afternoon and says nothing about the Pinocchio insulting her anymore, so I let it go.  All was good until my wife comes home and we are eating dinner.  It was at this time Marli decides to tell me she called the kid elf ears like I TOLD her to do.  I did not have to look up to feel the bone chilling stare from my wife.  Thus the lecture began, for both of us.  I told Marli I was wrong and she shouldn’t always repeat what Dad says.  I also said she should apologize.  She should tell the kid she is sorry he has elf ears.  We all bust out laughing.  Well the girls and I did.  My wife didn’t agree with my timing to tell a joke.  Oh well, I will survive to make other parenting mistakes.  The bottom line my kid was not insulted by the hobbit again and all is good.

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