Friday, January 21, 2011

Watch my truck you felon and is that dental floss on my sandwich?

I have worked in law enforcement since the early 1990's.  I have worked with my share of great cops and many who should have never been given a gun or a badge.  I have also heard of all the horror stories about cops getting that "special" sauce in their food.  I am pretty confident this happens on a fairly regular basis.  When I worked the street, if it was fast food, I made sure it was something already prepared under the warming lights that I ordered.  If it had to be cooked, I would sit where I could see the preparation or knew it was "cop friendly" establishment.  I feel that putting something in someone's food places you in the front of the "ass kicking coming" line.  That brings me to my first story:


Cook jailed for putting hair in cop's sandwich

EVESHAM, N.J. (AP) -- A former cook at a New Jersey restaurant is getting 15 days in jail for adding an unwelcome ingredient to a police officer's bagel sandwich.
Twenty-seven-year-old Ryan Burke admitted putting his own pubic and chest hairs in the sandwich in February 2010. He pleaded guilty to aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and retaliation for a past official action.  The Courier-Post of Cherry Hill reports a judge sentenced Burke last week to 15 days in prison, to be served on weekends. He's also ordered to serve two years of probation.  Authorities say the Evesham police officer had previously stopped Burke for a traffic violation.
Now, I would never condone something like that being done.  However, the 2nd story I  found, well someone could wipe their ass with his bagel sandwich and he would deserve it.


Kentucky cop ticketed 7-year-old boy for hitting truck

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -- Ticketing a kid has gotten a Kentucky cop in trouble. The Metro Louisville police officer (Cody Chapelle) has been suspended for 15 days. The officer had cited a 7-year-old boy for hitting his truck with a ball. The youngster was charged with third-degree criminal mischief. Police Chief Robert White says one of the department's greatest assets is common sense and the officer showed none. The citation was tossed out of court. The Courier-Journal reports the officer is appealing his suspension


  1. Watch My Truck needs to watch him self before he gets himself hurt or sued. He is jobless and probably can not drive a truck and he is one of thise who just calls up on people to get them fired. Once we find out who this guy is he wont be able to record people ever again.

    1. If you pay close attention to one of his recordings you have to notice that his understanding of how traffic flows is very evident. That only comes from two groups,law enforcement or some one who spends extensive time on the highways. You can tell by his lingo he is either law enforcement or a wannabe law enforcement. I find it odd however that in the one recording of his I did watch the he kept pointing out the 55mph speed zone signs throughout the piece yet he as well as the truck and every other vehicle in the shot seemed to be traveling around 70mph. The sign did not say 55 mph for tucks, it was for all vehicles.
      Is this off duty, laid off, or wanna be law enforcement above the law, that he can travel 70 in a 55. How about all the other vehicles in the recording? They must be above the law also then, for as the truck does 70 he never ran anyone over, so the four wheelers had to be going at least 70. Or maybe that speed limit sign is just a suggestion. He also kept clocking the trucks following distance but never mentioned the obvious fact that the four wheelers where also following each other way to close for any speed above 3mph.

      I have come to the conclusion that the idiot has some how been wronged by a trucker at some time, and is now taking that out on any truck he can.

      Yes, the truck I observed on the one recording I watched should have operated in a more safe manner, but so should have this Watch You Truck fool, as well as every other vehicle is saw in the recording.

  2. I drive a truck n I believe safty is priority. I do think watch my truck is a jerk for what he does. However I also see the up side. I say to u drivers -drive safely. Don't give this guy a reason

  3. I really think who ever this guy is he needs to get a life. I have a camera mounted in my truck for insurance reasons, with a 10 hour loop, this clown should have a look at what the 4 wheelers pull. Like pulling into my following distance, not even so much as an attempt at merging at entrance ramps.

    All trucks in the right lane doing 55 mph. That's right by golly, except of course when I am coming out the entrance ramp, then they have to be somewhere else.

    I have been through the mess of Knoxville in my truck more times than I care to admit. Try doing 55mph on I-40 through Knoxville and see how many times you get cut off, flipped off, and horns you get from so called friendly drivers in Knoxville. Knoxville is on my top ten list of worst cities to drive a truck through and I avoid it like the plague.

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