Monday, January 24, 2011

Sex Offenders, Pedophiles and Rehab for Them

Several weeks ago I made a post as I was walking through the local Wal-Mart. The reason for the post, I saw one of the many sex offenders that I had put in prison walking with a woman and her small kids. There were several people that commented on the post. I understand that in the eyes of the legal system he has "paid" his debt for his crimes. I don't agree.

A couple weeks ago, I am bowling with my wife and daughters on a Saturday afternoon. While we are having fun, I look up and in walks another sex offender that I had put in jail. We make eye contact and pulls an about face and back out the door he goes. In the eyes of the law he has also paid his debt.

Both the guy from Wal-Mart and the one from the bowling alley are both registered Sex Offenders. They walk amongst everyone and blend right into the crowd. What does a sex offender look like? I can tell you none of them I ever dealt with ever "looked" like a pedophile. There is not distinguishing physical trait, no warning sign around their necks. They look like anyone else.

Let's give them therapy. Let's rehab them, with enough counseling we can help them. Bullshit! You do not fix pedophiles, child molesting baby rapers. There is not a lower form of scum walking the planet than those who hurt children. These weak, sick, sadistic pieces of trash prey upon the innocent and the defenseless.

You don't "fix" these people. I don't care how much therapy or group hugs you give them. You don't rehab a pedophile. It is not possible. I guess, I should retract that last part. There is a way to fix them, but they haven't made child molesting a capital offense. So until that time, there is no fixing them.

This is not just a rant by a strong opinioned person. After many years as a police officer and investigating several of these cases, I feel that I can weigh in on this topic. I think you have to try to climb into the sewer that is the offender's mind. I feel when you boil it all down, kids for whatever reason, is what does it for these people. Kids are what trips their triggers. That is what does it for them. You can't fix that. The mental make up of these people for whatever reasons, kids sexually satisfy them. If that is your "thing", then it is your "thing". I don't believe you change that. It is not possible.

It is not possible to "convert" someone into being sexually attracted to something different. I am referring to the deep inner desire one has to whatever floats their boat. What do I mean? If you like stuffed animals in school girls outfits, then you are going to still like that even if I tell you it's wrong and send you to therapy for it. You are still, inside, going to like the same thing.

Many of the offenders will tell you if they get the chance to molest again, they will. They know it's wrong. They can't help themselves. They will trade their freedom for it. Many of these cases are made from the "treasure chest" the pedophiles keep. They will keep "souvenirs" of their crimes. They will keep these items knowing if they are found will send them to prison. They can't bring themselves to part with these "treasures". You are not going to fix a person like this.

I have interviewed several of these offenders. There were several of them who did not feel what they had done was wrong. They are in the mindset they were "teaching" their victims or their victims were "already sexually active". Yeah, they were active because you were molesting them. Without question, these were the most disturbing cases I ever worked.

The bottom line, these people are not going to change, ever. I don't care how much therapy is given, nothing in their make up is going to change. The news is filled with stories of repeat offenders offending again. It is everyone's duty to pay attention the to the laws and judged that are lenient on offenders. We must pay attention to the bleeding heart groups that want to rehab them. Most important, pay attention to your children, what they are doing, where they are going and who they are around.

I am enclosing a couple very helpful websites. One is the Jefferson County, Missouri registered offenders list. This site has pictures, address and conviction information.

Here is the link:

The 2nd site is You enter your address and it shows on a map the offenders that live near you.

Check these sites and gain as much knowledge as you can.


  1. Dennis, I absolutely agree with your assessment and appreciate your insight. I was discussing this very subject a few days ago with a friend and an interesting subject came up. I have no statistical data, but it would seem that a good number of sex offenders are parents themselves. What kind of stigma does being the child of a sex offender carry - I'm sure it can't be an easy road. I wonder if there is any 'consideration' for the children (who are also innocent victims of the parent's criminal actions) of sex offenders. Is there protocol within the family court system for dealing with these victims as well? Is the court sympathetic to name changes for children of sex offenders? I wonder if there is any kind of 'therapy' or help available for children of sex offenders.

    I'm NOT in any way discounting the victims of sex offenders and their crimes themselves - just distinguishing and defining another set of victims.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Karen, Great comments. I am not sure of the number of offenders that have kids, I would think it is a great number of them. They would definitely carry the burden of something that is not their fault. They themselves are a victim as well.

    I'm sure there is therapy available, but would probably be their responsibility to seek and to cover the expenses. I think that is wrong and I hope that I am.

    I do know in many cases when the offender has children, the children are removed by the state and placed with other family or custodial families. Which again the child pays the price for the crime of their parent. The victims of sex crimes and those who suffer reach much farther than just the actual vicitm. Great points Karen.

  3. Thank you for your insight. It amazes me the far-reaching consequences of not only sex crimes, but all crimes. There are some victims that are never formally recognized. To inflict that much pain, suffering, and sorrow on anyone - especially one's own children is beyond me. I will never understand - nor do I want to - what goes on in the mind of a sex offender. Just shameful.

    Thanks, Dennis.