Friday, January 21, 2011

Northbound I-55 re-opens after deadly crash downtown

I drove by this on the way in this morning.  It appeared to have happen just before I go there:

 A bizarre chain of events on I-55 North near downtown resulted in a man falling to his death.
St. Louis Police said it started with a minor crash in which the two drivers got out of their cars to exchange information.  Then another car hit them.  One person ended up going over the overpass and falling approximately 50 feet to the ground at Chouteau and Third Street.  Two other people on the interstate went to the hospital but they're going to be okay.  Police suspect a slick spot in the road likely caused the crashes.  Lt. Carlos Ross said MODOT's done a fine job keeping the highways drivable.  What he thinks happened is snow or ice coming off another car or cars hit the pavement and refroze causing the slick spot.
Lt. Ross says it's a mistake for people to get out of their cars on the interstate if they can avoid it.  If drivers can still drive their cars they should get off at the next exit to exchange information and/or call police.
The northbound lanes were closed for several hours between park Ave/7th St. and I-64/I-70 while crews cleared the roadway.

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