Monday, January 24, 2011

I Met Some TV Actors Today - 1/24/11

Today, when I was out with my wife doing some shopping, I ran into a group of TV actors.  I see this group almost everyday on TV.  They always seem really happy and nice.  They are always joking, laughing, walking around and whistling.  Well, I can tell you they are not like then when you run into them in the store.  I couldn't get them speak, shake hands or anything.  They wouldn't even make eye contact with me.  They acted like I wasn't even there.  I finally just snapped a quick picture and walked away.  It is today's picture of the day.  So, the next time you  are in Old Navy and you see the group from the commercial, don't waste your time because they won't speak!

On second thought as I walked around the store I saw this sign and I knew for sure I was in the wrong place to find any clothes to wear.

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