Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The DI's top 10 things I'm grateful for about being a Pro Wrestler

For over 9 years I had the opportunity to travel throughout the Midwest and perform, bleed and sweat for all types of crowds. Some of the buildings were packed and some barely had people there to watch. Regardless, I wouldn't trade one bump along the way.   
Here is a list of the 10 things I am most grateful for.
10. This one is shared, Tony Kasta, the 1st promoter that I worked for and Dumptruck Dave Perry for talking to me and telling me where to show up to train. Without either one of these, I would probably have never started my career.
9. All of the guys who trained me and beat the holy hell out of me for weeks. This list includes John Blackheart, Frankie D, Pete Madden and Johnny Jett.
8. The Magic Man for our match at South Broadway and the HUGE pop we got from the crowd when I cut your hair. Or, the pop the 1st night I bled and you literally stuck a fork into my forehead.
7. Frankie-D, Johnny-D and Billy-D for the most violent matches that I ever took part in and the gallons of blood, busted chairs and broken tables that it took for us to make our way through our rivalry.
6. Wrestling at the Chase. The cast of King Kong Brody, Harley Race and Pat O'Connor that made me watch every weekend and make me want to be a wrestler.
5. Pat O'Connor, for being a great friend of the family and taking me backstage as a kid and introducing me to all of the wrestlers.
4. Guys like Pete Madden, Trevor Murdoch, Matt Murphy, Bull Schmidt and Super Star Steve for making me look like a super hero every time we crawled in the ring together.
3. Harley Race. The Boss. Thanks to him for giving me the opportunity to work for him for so many years, making me a World Champion and being one of my closest friends.
2. Johnny Jett, the best trainer, best partner and one the best friends I have ever had in my life. I can't thank you enough.
1. My family, who put up with the time away from home, travel on the weekends, the injuries and all the crap that came along with me being the Drill Instructor.

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