Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 10 Worst Things I Did in the Ring as a Pro Wrestler

I recently posted the list of 10 things I was most grateful for during my time as a Pro Wrestler. Well, I got to thinking about some of the other crazy stuff that has taken place while I was in the ring. A new list is born, the 10 worst things I did in the ring. Here we go.

10. A match taped for television with John Diamond. Absolutely horrible from the beginning to the end. I left the ring wanting to quit. It was that bad. I felt that way until Larry Henning walked up to me and said that you have to treat each match like it was the best one you ever had no matter what. Good advice.

9. Completely missing a leg drop at South Broadway that I was supposed to land. Completely packed house. No place to hide.

8. Losing my balance and all arm strength as I attempted this handstand, frankensteiner, head scissor type move. I am sure this masterful move I dreamed up has no name. I completely collapsed onto my head like dart trying this move. This move took place about 2 minutes prior to entry #9. Still no place to hide.

7. Having to sell a belly to back suplex for about 7 minutes, on a television tape. Why did I have to sell it for that long you ask? Well, it took the Iron Sheik that long to get back up after I took the bump from him.

6. Spitting what looked like a raw egg from my mouth and into the face of a heckler in Booneville, Missouri. Harley's wife was furious and refunded the guy his ticket money. I guess the three previous lung oysters to his shirt were uncalled for as well.

5. Promising not to gig on my forehead the week before my wedding, so there would be no gig marks in the wedding pictures. However, I could not go without color, so I went high into the hairline. Immediately after that a large chunk on hair fell out and has never grown back. The color was good though!

4. Completely forgetting that I was being "choked" by Abdullah the Butcher because Harley Race did a run in to save me. Turned into a complete mark and was watching until I remembered I was a part of the match as well.

3. Body Slamming a rookie approximately 77 times in one match. It was the only bump he knew how to take. It was the guys first match and he BS'd me on what he knew.

2. Being pinned by Trevor Murdoch approximately 3 minutes into a match. The devastating finisher, a DDT. I was supposed to kick out on 2. Well, I never heard the first count. So when I kicked it was 3, not 2. I asked Trevor what just happened when I heard the bell ring. He responds, "you got pinned bitch" and scooted like lightning out of the ring. Thanks Trevor.

1. Dropping an elbow to Dumptruck Dave Perry and splitting my pants and my boxers from button to back belt loop. I followed this up by bending over unaware everything that I had was in the wind. When I felt the breeze I stood and attempted to tag my partner. He grinned and turned his back to me. Thanks Johnny Jett.

I know it is hard to believe the DI made mistakes in the ring, but it did happen. All of us who have been in the ring have our own personal lists.


  1. Um, yeah, you've had some interesting things go wrong during your stint as the D.I.. Number 1 would have been funnier than hell to see, probably not real funny for you though.

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