Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Prince is getting married. Who gives a rat's a**?

The Prince is getting married.  The Prince is getting married! Oh, he gave her his mother’s engagement ring.  She is getting her chance to be a princess.  WHO CARES!!!??  I don’t think it would be any more possible for me to care less about this.  I have in the past expressed my deep dislike for soccer and the World’s Cup and its outcome.  However, I must retract some of my previous soccer hating statements.  “The Engagement” has now taken front and center in my “couldn’t care less” category.

I am not completely cynical in regard to this.  I am glad someone is going to marry Prince Horseteeth.  I hope that his little brother Prince Chucky gets to be the best man.  Congratulations to them.  Ok, maybe that was a little harsh.  Let’s step back, have a cup of tea and think about this.

I guess this is a big deal.  I thought the biggest news in the world was if Mel Gibson and his girlfriend had settled custody and proved Mel has a bad temper.  Maybe, it is the latest Lohan news?  Who can be concerned about such menial news when the Queen has invited the new couple over for Christmas this year?

Is there more proof out there of how unconnected with reality we are?  What about a news story about that young serviceman that is getting married and then leaving for the war?  Or, how he gave her his Mom’s engagement ring that she got from that Vietnam Vet that never returned home.  A story of the father killed in battle and will never see his new born child.  We never hear these stories.  They do not make good news.

I am not saying we need only gloom and doom in the news.  However, I find it tough to stomach being force fed all of the royal wedding news when there are greater things transpiring in the World.  I guarantee by the time the actual wedding gets here, we will be completely overloaded and repulsed by the mere mention of it.  I guess I am shallow and not understanding, but who really cares?  Honestly.  I am going to try to be more open minded.  Well, kick the soccer ball my way; put the wedding on pay per view for me.  Oh, and on a serious note, Heidi and Spencer are going to renew their vows.

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