Friday, October 29, 2010

Nothing Screams Professionalism Like a Mustache

Ron Jeremy
The "stache".  Does anything scream out I am professional quite like a mustache does?  The favorite facial accessory by some of the most famous dictators, porn stars and other just exceptionally cool guys.  The lips of leaders and influential figures have been decorated by these hairy displays manhood through out time.

Magnum PI

I guess I missed the "soup strainer" bus.  Several years ago I ditched my famous Dirty Sanchez look and opted for the goatee.  What was I thinking?  However, I would like to thank my employer for pointing out my obvious facial deficiencies and the fact a neatly trimmed goatee completely prohibited me from conducting the full duties of my job.  The proficiency and professionalism of the department took a giant leap forward and instituted a new facial hair policy.  No goatees.  Yet, they understand the power of the Porn Stache. 

The Hulkster


I can already tell I have up'd my game since shaving.  Obviously it is a great look because everyone that sees me makes a comment.  I hope as the white tan line, where the hideous proficiency blocker called home for 10 years, fades away, my new look still garners the attention it deserves.

So, in honor of my newly revived lip warmer and the triumphant return of my Dirty Sanchez look , I provide some photos of some the Hairy Lipped Heroes of the past.

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