Thursday, October 21, 2010

The cops didn't need to shoot him, he was a good guy

We have all seen the scenario play out on the evening news.  Once again we see it this week in St. Louis, the great husband, father, community pillar and charity worker gunned down by the evil crooked Police Officers on the streets.  Tuesday night St. Louis County Undercover Narcotics Detectives capped another one.

Two NARC Detectives see what they believe is a drug deal transpiring.  They approach the car, the car speeds at the officer and strikes one of them, pinning him between a parked car and the bad guy’s car.  The cops open fire, killing the driver.  Cops 1 Bad Guy 0.  The grieving widow then goes on all the news channels, fakes her cry and tells what a “good” person he was.  Oh and then there is the demanding of an “outside” investigation.

I am pretty sure there is not really a need for that outside investigation.  First of all, he is not a “good” guy.  He just tried to run over a cop.  He is not good.  The officer was in fear of his life and reacted.  He did what he was supposed to do.  It is not his fault the bad guy brought a car to a gun fight.  By the way, he didn’t just kind of bump the officer with his car and pin him in.  He hit the parked car with enough force to break the axel.  It should also be mentioned the bad guy (former bad guy) has numerous past drug related convictions failing to pay alimony and driving with a suspended or revoked license among other charges. I would say the totality of this situation would lend to the fact the officers were probably correct in what they thought was a drug deal.

If you are not a bad guy, you do not put yourself in the situation of passing dope in/out of your car window.  If you are not a bad guy, you do not try to run over a cop.  If you are not a bad guy, you don’t have several past convictions for drugs.  He’s not bad; he just made a bad choice.  Yes he did.  He chose the ride, he shouldn’t, and well his family shouldn’t gripe about it now.  The positive side to this is he will not try to hurt another cop.  Ever.

It never looks good when officers use force.  But, the bottom line in this is that sometimes it is necessary.  No cop hits the street in the morning hoping they a get a chance to shoot someone.  Don’t sell dope and try to run over cops and you should be ok.  It is not a difficult equation.  I am not real sure the outside investigation is needed.

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