Thursday, September 16, 2010

Send Me To the Girl’s Locker Room and the Hell With Being PC

I usually try to add some food for thought about once a week on my blog. I try to pick topics that I feel that I have a fairly good understanding of. Therefore I can go into one of my rants and feel that I have at least some knowledge of what I am babbling about. After writing this one I realized a covered a lot of the spectrum here.

But, I got to thinking about this week's entry. I thought to myself, self, I want to be a reporter in the locker room for the female swim teams, an on the spot reporter in the cheerleader locker room or maybe the locker room correspondent for women's beach volleyball or the WNBA. Let me remind you though, I will be offended if I see any women in various stages of dress or if there are any comments made. Pretty ridiculous, huh? I think so as well.

That is also how I feel about the "hottest reporter on the planet" claims she was harassed in an NFL locker room. That is like a stripper coming out to stage 3 and then complaining the customers were groping at her and making comments. What did she expect? I am not saying that's right or wrong. But it is the reality of things. When you put yourself in certain situations some things will have a high probability of taking place. Now, a reporter that looks the way the Inés Sainz and dresses the way that she does may expect that when she walks into a room full of Alpha males that play in the NFL, something might be said.

Do women have the right to be sports reporters? Absolutely. Do they have any place being in the men's locker room? Absolutely not. No more than male reporters belong in any of the locker rooms that I talked about earlier. I think most reasonable people would feel that way. I think.

The second part of the story that really bothers me is how the Jets have made their apology and Clinton Portis has now recanted his words. Portis pissed the Political Correctness Police off with his statements.

This eventually has brought me to my point. We are crippling ourselves as a society with this Political Correct bullshit. Yes. I believe you must respect each other and treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. However, we hopped off that train and now are onboard some kitty cat, flower filled train that uses new wave energy instead of fuel to propel us into ruin.

The very words of our Constitution give us the right to Freedom of Speech. But we have arrived at a point in which we are so hypersensitive to EVERYTHING we are almost paralyzed. We no longer have the right to say, "I don't like that. I think that is wrong. I don't like you or what you do. No, it's your fault. You are responsible for that." If you say any of those things, you are a racist, radical or a hate monger. If you didn't like Obama during the election you were a racist. If you don't think females should be in the locker room you are a sexist, the list goes on. How skewed is that opinion? I don't like Obama because I don't agree with his politics. I don't think women should be in the men's locker room or men in the women's locker room.

In the recent weeks there have been stories on the news about Little League Baseball teams not keeping score at their games. This is to protect the kids playing from the embarrassment of losing. What a great lesson, it's all ok, no matter what and we all get a trophy. What a great lesson for the next generation of victims. We should never teach our children to be competitive or that hard work results in success. As I look back at my childhood. We kept score. I was not scarred for life because I lost. But, it did teach me that I didn't like and I wanted to work harder so I didn't lose again. When I was in school the sports teams made cuts. That taught me to be the best that I could so I earned a spot on the team. I was told that I was wrong when I was kid. It didn't scar me; it made me take responsibility for my actions. My parents called these life lessons.

Man, we have traveled a long way from the female in the locker room haven't we? The bottom line is our Country was fought for and won its freedom on hard work, common sense, failures and successes. That has served as the foundation of our Nation. We probably have offended some along the way. I guess that is the price of doing business. It is our responsibility to ensure that foundation stays intact for the future.
I hope this hasn't offended anybody.

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