Thursday, September 9, 2010

Its not a baby, kill it

I am sure this will be my most controversial blog yet. I do feel that it is one that has to be written. I have sat on this idea for almost 2 months now. It has eaten at me since I read it in the Post Disgrace (Dispatch) in July. Hit me with your feedback. Here we go.

In the editorial section there was an article by an unnamed author banging the State of Missouri and the Governor for allowing more restrictive Abortion laws to go into effect. The author basically claims there is no fact as to when life begins. Also, completely disagrees with the new laws because it may make women think twice about getting an abortion. Here are some of the quotes:

The law requires abortion clinics to offer women a chance to view ultrasound images and listen to heartbeats of their fetuses. It requires that 24 hours before an abortion procedure takes place, a woman must show up in person at the abortion clinic to be counseled on the "anatomical and physiological characteristics of the unborn child."

The law will present new, but not insurmountable, hardships on women seeking abortions. It may prevent a few of the approximately 7,500 abortions done in Missouri each year.
It will do nothing to ensure that the child who is born is wanted and loved or receives medical care after birth or enough to eat or a decent education, issues far less important to state lawmakers than intruding on a very difficult moment in a woman's life.

Here's the strangest part of the law: It requires abortion providers to present women with a brochure, to be provided by the state Department of Health and Human Services, that reads, "The life of each human being begins at conception. Abortion will terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being."

Really? We know that is what many people believe, and we respect their beliefs. But belief is different from fact, and science has not established the precise moment when human life begins.
This is a religious, theological and, indeed, metaphysical question. No public body, even those far more learned than the Missouri Legislature, can answer it. Nor should it try.

Are you freaking kidding me?

How dare the State of Missouri say "we want you to think about this." Man that is terrible that you are going to have to go in there and see the baby and listen to the heartbeat you are going to extinguish, forever. Yeah, we definitely don't what you to put much thought into this.

I really like the part saying state lawmakers are "intruding on a very difficult moment in a woman's life". I am sure it is a difficult; you just decided to kill your child. That would be tough. However, not near the bad day the baby is getting ready to have. If you have not picked up on it I am against abortion. Period.

While researching for this blog I came across this opinion of one reader. I think it is great:

All of the talk about when life begins and doing experiments on human embryos, makes me shake my head. I'm not a Doctor, a lawyer, a scientist or a theologian. But I am a former embryo. I know that being an embryo was just as much a part of who I am as when I was an adolescent, a toddler, an infant and a fetus. All were different stages of my life. If someone had decided that my only worth as an embryo was to be dismantled for research, my four children and six grandchildren would not be alive. A human embryo is a living human being.
 I completely agree. The moment of conception you are a human life. I know there is the argument without growth and nurturing it is not a human. Well, don't we continue to grow outside of the womb and without the nurturing (eating) you die. That doesn't change if you are 1 minute old or 100 years old. Are you less of a person at 1 than you are at 5?

Don't tell me that is not a person until it is born. Before my wife and I were blessed with our two daughters, we had a miscarriage. There are approximately 900,000 to 1 million miscarriages per year. My wife was able to hear the heartbeat of that baby during a doctor's appointment. When we went back for the next appointment there was no heartbeat. I challenge you to tell my wife that wasn't a baby yet. I will help you collect your teeth from the floor.

I agree that you cannot legislate morality. I don't think the government should even try. I don't want them telling me what I can watch, read or see. However, this isn't a question of morality. It is a question of murder. That is what abortion is, a homicide. The difference is the location of the crime scene.

Who is going to care for these children? There are on average 51,375 American children that were adopted from public foster care homes. This is based on data from the Child Welfare Information Gateway of the Children's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This number does not include data for private agency, kinship, and inter-country adoptions. I have several friends that have adopted. I praise them. You have given someone a chance.

I find it crazy that many of the Pro Choicer's are anti Death Penalty. That will be an entire another blog. But, in a nutshell; the child is innocent, has not had a chance to live and did not asked to be here. The scumbag on death row, had their chance, is not innocent and has made their choices. To compare the two is apples and oranges.

The moment you hold your child for the first time your life changes, immediately and forever. Yes someone in the Missouri State legislature knows this. To make the mother hear the heartbeat, see the baby and learn it is life before it is ended, may change the minds of some. Good. Even if it only saves 1 a year. What potential does that 1 life bring to this world?

Everyone has their opinion on this issue. This has been mine. Give the child a chance. The great thing is if you are reading this, someone gave you the chance.

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