Friday, August 7, 2009

Cheated as a Father!

There are certain things that happen in your children's lives, that as a Father you look forward to helping them accomplish. These things are your Fatherly duty. The list is long, but sometimes you feel that it is not long enough once they begin to put check marks next to their accomplishment list.

Raising children is like living with human sponges, and I mean that in a good way. They absorb everything that you do and everything around them. The excitement you share with them and see in their face when they learn how to do something new, taste something for the first time, and when they can finally reach a light switch. I know the last doesn't seem like much, unless you have kids and your house lights begin to flicker on and off like strobe lights, as they laugh and yell, "Look I can turn off the light."

As a Dad, they look at you like you are Superman. You are the strongest man in the world. You are the one that checks for monsters in the closet, under the bed and wherever these creatures may lurk. You are scared of nothing. You are all knowing. It is a huge job responsibility. A job that can not be taken lightly. Marli's preschool teacher told me one day when I picked her up that Marli had, out of the blue, told her, "My Dad makes me feel safe." Amazing how six words can virtually make a 300 pound tattoo'd man tear up and have to hurry to the car. I am doing my job. I look forward to living up to their expectations.

With all of that being said leads me to my point today. I have been cheated. That's right, cheated!

Two weeks ago Gayla and I decided it was time to take all of the training wheels off of the bikes and our girls were going to learn how to ride them. As challenging as this task is, it is one of those checks off the list of life that you share together and watch as they work diligently to accomplish this goal. Me, running beside the bike, picking them up when they fall and helping them to go again.

After hours in the yard with both of the girls it was decided there was probably a chance that neither of the girls would ever possess the ability to ride these two wheeled creatures. We stopped the torture. There would be no bike riding today. The next several days were filled with tears and pleading of put the training wheels back on. We refused. We told them once they were off they never go back on.

Well, last weekend was the day of the cheat. I had told Madison that since I was off all weekend, that by the end of the weekend she would be able to ride her bike. Superdad was guaranteeing it. I had visions of hours spent in this process, her finally making it a few feet and the two of us celebrating her triumphant "first" ride. WRONG!

Saturday morning Madison gets up and says she is going into the garage and going to practice on her bike. I don't put much thought into this and planned on joining her in a little bit to perform my fatherly duty. Approximately twenty minutes later she comes back inside obviously unable to complete this task without me.

"Dad, come out here."

I guess it is time to teach. I walk in to the garage and she says, "Watch this."

Two laps around the garage, down the driveway, into the street, down road, around the cul de sac, up the hill, up the driveway and back in to the garage. She comes to a stop, gets off the bike and says, " I can ride my bike. I taught myself."

Ughh! you 've got to be kidding me. How dare you show independence and learn something on your own. How dare you be brave without me. I was so proud, almost as if I had taught her myself. She shined with confidence and was very proud of herself.

I don't deal well with my children growing up.

Madison starts kindergarten in a few weeks. I have already taken vacation for that morning. She is not bumping me out of another first.

I think I am going to hide Marli's bike from her and only get it out when I am there to teach her like I did her sister.

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